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Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

The stripes on each tiger are unique, similar to human fingerprints. Their stripes provide camouflage for them while hunting in the jungle, as few large animals have the colour vision capabilities to detect them. While stripes differ between subspecies, most tigers have more than 100 stripes. Their pattern is also found on their skin, so if you were to shave a tiger, it’s stripes would still be visible.

Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai


Macau: Monte Carlo of the Orient

Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

During my trip in Hong Kong, I got the chance to visit Macau; known as Asia’s international gambling city. This is the only place in China where gambling is legal. Macau used to be a Portuguese territory until 1999, which explains the mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences. If you happened to be in Hong Kong, I would recommend you to include Macau day trip in your itinerary.

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Review: Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is an iconic building in Singapore. This 57 storey megastructure consist of 3 towers, connected by a vast, curved-surfboard-like deck, the SkyPark. Marina Bay Sands’ 2,561 room hotel is the largest hotel in Singapore, the 6th largest in Asia and the 34th largest in the world. With MBS, Singapore has entered into the “World’s 100 Largest Hotels” list. If you are in Singapore, I would recommend you to stay at MBS for at least a night to experience Singapore’s spectacular skyline.

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Tulips are generally symbolic of fame and perfect love. Tulips of different colours carry different meanings. For instance, Red: Declaration of love. Yellow: Sunshine in your smile. White: Purify and forgiveness. Purple: Royalty and wealth.

Tulipmania, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Flowery Fun Times @ Gardens by the Bay

Nursery Rhymes

From now till July, Gardens by the Bay features beloved characters from nursery rhymes! Amidst fields of Lupin blooms, Foxgloves and Delphiniums too, Wondrous characters and animals await to take you on a magical Nursery Rhymes date.

Nursery Rhymes

“Flowery Fun Times” is the third of six chapters in Gardens by the Bay’s storytelling journey in 2015.

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