Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland City, New Zealand; the City of Sails. Surrounded by volcanoes, with the ridges of lava flows forming its main thoroughfares and its many cones providing islands of green within the sea of suburbs. Auckland can be seen as multicultural city as more Asian are living there.A great gateway to enjoy laid back environment and nature.

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Auckland International Airport
Auckland Skytower
Auckland War Memorial Museum
New Zealand Flag, Downtown
View of Auckland City From Devonport
Auckland waters
Horse Carriage ride, Devonport
View from Mount Victoria
Suburban houses, Devonport
Auckland Maritime Museum
Auckland waters sunset
Victoria Park Market
Victoria Park Market

4 Thoughts

  1. NZ is really great especially for masterminds who would like to expand their business………… i would like to mention that new zealand stands 1st in the world for its transperancy ( anti corruption )…………………..the blog was informative and the pics are brilliant

  2. Hey, these photos are great :) it’s nice to look back at Auckland, I was there last August. How long did you stay in the city?

    1. I stayed for a week at Auckland. Beautiful city indeed. I’m pretty sure u enjoyed your stay there too. In fact, one day i’m thinking of coming back to NZ. Thanks for the like and dropping by. See u around :)

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