Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

My post for this week challenge kinda late. I’m still currently in Seoul! Beautiful city and amazing people!

There is nothing to regret – either for those who go or for those who are left behind” – Anonymous

Nami Island, Korea

23 Thoughts

  1. No regrets ever! Only love, for the past, the present and the future. With abundance of humiliity, because sometimes love hurts…
    Thank you four sharing your beautigul picture.

  2. Dah agak dah kau pergi South Korea! Haha. Initially I thought “Manalah dia ni pergi”. Then, I saw the ‘Heart and Seoul’ countdown and I was like “Damned! U go to South Korea!” haha.

    take care n hv fun bro!

      1. nice! managed to go to orchard, chinatown and watched the marina bay sands’ lights and music show. a lot of walking and my sister had blisters because of the walks. but fun lah. ate murtabak zam zam and the briyani twice in a week period. hehehe. gonna update bout it soon!

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