Quick Guide to Seoul


Your handy guide to plan your itinerary when you’re in Seoul.

Useful Apple Apps for download:

  1. Jihachul, Korea Subway Map [ iPhone | iPad

    Need help to plan the route to your destination? No dataplan is required to use this app. Recommended by most Koreans commuting by subway.

  2. Learn Korean Phasebook [ iPhone | iPad ]

    This apps provide basic phases that you need to communicate with the Koreans. A must have especially for haggling!

  3. I Tour Seoul [ iPhone ]

    This apps provide the official guidebook for places of interest in Seoul.

  4. Visit Korea [ iPhone ]

    Your personal guidebook to different regions of South Korea. If you decided to visit Busan. This might be useful.

  5. Filer Lite [ iPhone | iPad ]

    If you decided to keep your MsWord/MsExcel itinerary or document without using dataplan, this apps is useful! It allows you to view the documents from your phone  without using any network support.

Useful Websites:

Subway Real-time | Seoul MapOfficial Travel Guide

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Seoul – Teddy Bear Museum & Hello Kitty Cafe

*The Teddy Bear Museum has ceased its operation from November 30, 2013

Thanks to a contributor, I’m able to share these here. On my N Seoul post, I mentioned about *Teddy Bear Museum which I give it a miss. Please visit here for direction. Admission ticket for this museum cost  KRW8000 while the package which include museum and observatory cost KRW12000, but there’s a catch, you need to do the museum tour first before proceed to the observatory. This Museum exhibits shows chronicle history of Seoul from past to present through the use of teddy bears. It shows how Seoul has changed and developed over time from the olden to modern days. The dioramas are posed in scenes recreating historic events as well as various aspects of Seoul lifestyle.

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Seoul – COEX & Lotte World

This going to be my last and final post of Seoul travelogue

Located in Samseong-dong, Seoul, COEX Mall covers a total floor area of 119,000 ㎡, making it the largest underground shopping complex in Asia. It is about 14.5 times larger than Olympic Main Stadium.

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Seoul – Iteawon & Seoul Central Mosque

Seoul Central Mosque located at Iteawon, popular ‘foreigner’ neighbourhood is the one and only mosque in Seoul. US military base is also located nearby Iteawon. Don’t be surprise if you see a group of american with military style haircut. To get to the mosque. alight at Iteawon Exit 3. Just walk straight and look out for the signage and turn right. Be prepared to walk up a hill to reach the Mosque. Iteawon Night market also located neat the exit.

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Seoul – Changdeokgung & Changgyeonggung

While Gyeongbokgung Palace is bigger in size, Changdeokgung is the best preserved. Changdeokgung Palace or “Palace of Illustrious Virtue was designated as UNESCO’s World Cultural Heiritage in 1997. Alight at Angguk Station Exit 3 and walk to the palace about 10 mins. The palace close on every mondays. Entrance fee cost 3000KRW. Changgyeonggun is located nearby the area which can be access through Changdeokgung.

UNESCO award. Changdeok Palace, the second of five grand Joseon palaces in Seoul

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Seoul – Shopping Districts & Cheonggyecheon Stream

Here are the compilation of shopping districts in Seoul. I’m gonna keep it short and simple. The first stop is Dongdaemun. A haven for fashion forward shopaholics. A tourist spot for late night shopping. You can do so by alighting at Dongdaemun station, Exit 6

Maxtyle; one of the mall. Apparently look new but mostly first 3 levels are occupied by tenant. The rest of the level are mostly vacant.

Most of the tenants sells female fashion clothing. For 10,000KRW, you can actually get good stuff here!

Winter boots!! There a quite number of shop selling footwear. In fact, the area is famous for selling footwear. Sport shoes, boots you named it! To do so use exit 5 at Dongdaemun station.

Pizza Plus. A halal restaurant selling kebab, burgers and pizza. Use exit 5 at Dongdaemun and walk straight and keep a look out at the Pizza Plus sign.

Walk further and keep a look out for Cheonggyecheon Stream. Neglected in 1970 until it was restored in 2005, becoming a haven of natural beauty amidst the bustle of city life. I almost miss the place because it was situated the middle of two highways and which is  5 or 10 meters below. I stumble upon white snow like sculpture from the top and i’m really excited to hear the sound of the stream!

(Right) The snow sculpture i stumble upon. Cheonggyecheon stream used to be one of Seoul’s biggest slum areas. Now look at what modern development turn this area into. The stream was covered with an elevated highway. I didn’t really walk the whole stretch of 11 km runs through downtown Seoul due to the chilly weather.

A closer look. My analogy: there’s a possibility it was caused by the frozen fountain.

Nearby the area is Pyounghwa Clothing Market. Take it as a landmark to visit here.

Myeongdong. It is the center for shopping haven. There is a mixture of street stalls which opens at night and retail outlets selling everything from high fashion to casual attire as well as many Korean cosmetics stores offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

H&M, Zara some of the well known establish stores here. Not forgetting Myeongdong cinema. At Myeonngdong station, use exit 5

Winter head wear sold at the night market. Usually most of the items sold here are similar to other night market in Dongdaemun, Iteawon and Namdaemun. However I do feel that the cheaper ones are usually at Namdaemun which I will introduce later on.

I find that its is difficult to haggle the prices here at Myeongdong night market. They will give one kind of look “who do you think you are” or just ignore.

Some of the snacks not to be missed!

A mascot carrying advertisement

While Myeongdong cater for the young and upscale, Namdaemun is more towards for the middle age group of women to shop! Prices here are relatively cheaper. For eg. I can haggle army jockey cap for 10000KRW instead of 12000KRW or 15000KRW at Myeongdong. At Heohyeon station, use exit 5.

By 9pm, the place is a bit deserted. Most of the shops here closed by 9.30 or earlier.

Selling most of the KPOP craze here. To be honest, I’m not a fan of KPOP :)

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Seoul – Nami Island

The beauty of Nami Island is indescribable. This small charming Island is a popular tourist destination in Seoul. Known for its stunning scenery, this is a must-visit attraction and you need to set aside half a day for your visit. Nami in winter is simply picturesque

Nami Island

Nami Island (Namiseom or Naminara) is a small ‘doraemon pocket lookalike‘ island situated 63 km from Seoul in the middle of the Han River. This charming Island is famous for the ‘Winter Sonata’ film locations back in 2002. Apparently, Nami Island declared its cultural independence on March 1, 2006. Like other independent republics, Naminara Republic has its own national flag, anthem, passport, postage stamps, telephone cards, written characters, papers, and currency. Do not fret, passport is not required to get to the island but admission fee applies.

Watch snippets of my journey to Nami Island.

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