Seoul – Iteawon & Seoul Central Mosque

Seoul Central Mosque located at Iteawon, popular ‘foreigner’ neighbourhood is the one and only mosque in Seoul. US military base is also located nearby Iteawon. Don’t be surprise if you see a group of american with military style haircut. To get to the mosque. alight at Iteawon Exit 3. Just walk straight and look out for the signage and turn right. Be prepared to walk up a hill to reach the Mosque. Iteawon Night market also located neat the exit.

Along the way to the Mosque, rows of shops selling imported halal food mostly from malaysia and indonesia. You can even get your instant noodle indomi and meggi here!

There are numerous restaurants offer halal dishes all the way from Turkey, India etc.

A restaurant that offer Indian cuisine.

Mr Kebab, one of the shop offers turkish kebabs! It taste awesome!

An Islamic Book Center. The mosque area forms the center of a mini Muslim Seoul, complete with Islamic bookstores & travel agencies.

Opened in 1976, this mosque able to accommodate 1500 worshiper at one time. Consist for 2 level. The upper level is for males whereas lower level cater for females.

Saudi Arabia’s generous donation of about 3.5 billion KRW in 1991 helped open a madrasah for the muslim children to learn about Islamic culture, Arabic, Qu’ran and English.

View from the mosque. Although Islam is a minor religion is Seoul, I can see that the Koreans has high level of tolerance towards other religion, respecting each other culture and races.

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