Reminiscing of the Old Malayan Railway

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station is a prominent landmark Singapore. Once owned by the government of Malaysia, was build in 1932 to serve as railway passengers and cargo transportation to and from Malaya. In July 2011, the railway station was handed over to the Singapore government and the main building of the railway station was gazetted as a national monument. Located at keppel road, It was the end of the line for train service at Tanjong Pagar Railway station. At the moment, the station is closed to public. Let these pictures bring back fond memories of the station. This series of pictures are representative of what I saw and felt as I experienced the life of Tanjong Pagar Railway.

The main building and entrance to the station

White marble reliefs beneath the initial is allegory of Agriculture

Car porch near the main entrance.

Broken old window

The main entrance of the Station. I remember there was a big sign says ” Welcome To Malaysia” which was later removed.

During the days of Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) Ticket Counter. The main hall doesn’t really change much over the years.

On the wall of the station, The large initials ‘F M S R’ stand for Federated Malay States Railways.

As you walked around the main hall and marvelled at the ‘stained’ panels high up the walls which depicted scenes of rice planting, rubber tapping, shipping activities and other historical scenes of Malaya in the olden days.

Besides KTM, Eastern & Oriental Express also operate at this station. E&O is a luxury train travel through South East Asia. It voyages through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and on into Laos.

Police Station

Departure gate as well as waiting area to board the train

The other end of the station, the the arrival gate. Habib Railway Book Store, a convenience store for travelers.

There used to be a hotel in the station but was later ceased its operation.

Railway Food Station. I really miss their food. Reasonable price too!

Railway Platforms. (Right) Departure platform.

Railway Track

KTM Train ready for departure

Quick Baggage; Obviously they didn’t use it anymore.

Eating house near the arrival platform. I miss their ‘chapati and kheema’

Reminiscing Tanjong Pagar Railway

End of the track stopper

Railway platforms at night

Clock on the exterior of the station

Fences surrounding Tanjong Pagar Railway.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of traveling by train. In fact, in my entire life, only once I used the train to Kuala Lumpur. The downside is the long journey compared by road. However, capturing the scenery on the train is awesome! Let this be the fond memories of the station.

4 Thoughts

  1. Great post! The station is close to where I live and I’m bummed that it’s not open anymore. Your photos show me what it used to be like – so cool! Love the E & O sign photo. Historic and a great typeface. :)

  2. I really hope that the building turn to a museum or a park for the public. Great post! Reminds me of the days when i used to take the train to KL.

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