Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

This week photo challenge

A close encounter with the penguins! Penguins walk clumsily on land. They belly glide or toboggan, using their flippers to steer them in direction that they want to.Interesting fact is, their legs have special blood vessels to adjust blood temperature and blood flow to prevent their feet from freezing. A remarkable animal indeed.

Singapore Jurong Bird Park

27 Thoughts

  1. I’ve never had a close encounter with penguins!! Nak tengok penguin kena pegi Langkawi, jauhhh. Haha.

    Anyway, bro I just bought 3 hamsters [Winter breed] as the latest addition to my pets. LOL. Can’t resist their cuteness eversince I saw urs. Haha. One of the hamsters photo is on my FB ;p

    1. That’s super far! 3 hamsters? seriously? I really do hope you’re not buying hamsters on impulse ya. Yes i cant resist the cuteness too! Be careful of their mating season! lol

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