Mystical Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest Entrance

Being a densely populated concrete jungle, Singapore is burnishing its credentials as a garden city with its ecological greenery. The Cloud Forest is one of the two largest climate-controlled conservatories in the world. As the name implies, the precipitation comes directly from clouds through the cloud filtering of the trees that creates moist, misty and dim environment. Located at Bay South of Gardens by the Bay, hidden within the glass dome is a man-made forest with lush vegetation that replicates the cool-moist climate of the tropical montane regions between 1,000m to 3,500m above sea level, such as Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia.


A tad smaller than the Flower Dome, the 0.73 hectare cool moist conservatory houses a tropical highland environment and has the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

Waterfall 2

The moment you step inside the conservatory, you can feel the sudden change of temperature and gust of cool wind. The temperature in the Cloud Forest is maintained between 23°C to 25°C and it can drop as low as 15°C in the evening.

Photoshoot at Cloud Forest

Believe it or not, there are more than 130,000 plants featured in the dome. The Cloud Forest is a popular spot for newlywed photo shoot.

Canopy Walk

The walkways provide an aerial view of the canopy and mountainside.

Waterfall at night

In the evening, the stunning 30m waterfall glows in a rotating purplish and pink tinge.

Waterfall @ Night 2

The splashing waters create a steady pattern of endless rhythm.

Canopy Walk 2

Visitors travel by elevator up to Cloud Mountain which the Lost World is found and then wander back down along a mountain track past a 35-meter-high waterfall.

View of S'pore Flyer

The columnless curvilinear structures were carefully designed with every consideration given to the passive climate control techniques. The façade of the Cloud Forest is made up of 2,577 glass panels which are arranged radially in line with the geometry of the gridshell.

Canopy Walk 3

View of the walkway from up above.


There is abundance of Pitcher Plant in the Cloud Forest. Its cup-shaped leaves attract, kill, and digest insects that venture within.

Canopy walk 4

Cascading levels of vertical planting and cloud walkway along the mountain.

Waterfall side view

As you descend down the cloud walk, it will lead you to the Waterfall View.

Waterfall sideview 2

You will definitely get wet from the mist of the waterfalls as you lean nearer to the barrier. Some believe that the soothing sound of the flowing water is a multi-sensory approach to reduce stress and anxiety.

crystal cavern

As you step in the Crystal Mountain cave, you will be surrounded with stalactites and stalagmites.

Crystal cavern 2

Crystal geode is truly a beauty to behold and bring strong earth Feng Shui element energy into any spaces.

Crystal Cavern 3

As you approach the bottom of the mountain, the Tree Top Walk will take you close to the forest canopy for a spectacular bird’s eye view of the treetops.

+5 Degree

Experts warn that over the next hundred years, resource depletion and climate change could converge with catastrophic results. By the year 2100, the temperature will increase by 5 degrees. No one can predict the future but this is possible if we do nothing about it. +5 Degrees is an interactive voyage through time and space which allows you to see the world from a different perspective to experience the effect of rise in temperature around the world.

Interactive Learning Centre

The Black Box introduces self-sustainability at Gardens by the Bay. You can discover the numerous ecological functions of the Supertrees like capturing solar energy and serving as exhausts all while supporting a green living skin.

Secret Garden

The enchanting Secret Garden.

Cloud Forest

A mysterious world veiled in mist. At one glance, the walkway looks like a UFO from the secret garden. I would like to thank Ferne from Gardens by the Bay for the invitation and exclusive tour of the conservatories.

Local Resident Rate Admission

One Conservatories

Two Conservatories




Senior Citizen






Standard Rate Admission

Two Conservatories



Senior Citizen




The Cloud Forest is open daily from 9:00am – 9:00pm

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  1. Canggihnya bro. Siap ada air terjun lagi. Hehe. Gonna go and visit the place when I revisit Singapore. Bertuah sungguh sebab ada projek2 macam ni, yang akan bagi lebih pendedahan kat generasi muda pasal alam sekitar. Siap ada periuk kera lagi. Aku pun tak pernah tengok pokok periuk kera depan2! LOL

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