S.E.A Aquarium: The World’s Largest Aquarium

S.E.A AquariumIf you’re a fan of marine mammals, you wouldn’t want to miss this. This is not any ordinary typical aquarium but the recently opened S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa is the official record holder of the two Guinness World Records – for the world’s largest aquarium and for the world’s largest acrylic panel in its Ocean Gallery. The aquarium enclosure is located within The Maritime Experiential Museum. Visitors will enter through the museum’s ancient Maritime Silk Route to the aquarium main entrance at the basement. Do expect a huge turn out and long queues during the weekends.

SONY DSCThe aquarium takes me on an underwater voyage that housed 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species that comprises 10 different zones with 49 habitats.

Floor Aquarium

The kids were amazed with the fishes at the floor aquarium exhibit. Walk across a floor of glass and watch those fishes swim right beneath your feet!

Mesmerise the world of synchronised fish!

Spotted Sea Horse

Spotted Sea Horse. Seahorses have prehensile tails which are similar to that of a monkeys’ and can grab onto anything.

Razor FishNamed for its razor-thin belly, the Razorfish swims with its head pointed down and tail up.

Oriental Sweetlips

Oriental Sweetlips. This fish exhibits a colour change as it grows.

Boxer Fish


The electrifying pulsating dances of the translucent sea jelly species and the captivating neon blue sea jelly.

Open Ocean

The Open Ocean brings you closer to a more diverse collection of marine life. This centerpiece is the world’s largest viewing panel, at 36 metres wide by 8.3 metres tall. Guests viewing the habitat could experience the feeling of being on a cavernous ocean floor.

Majestic Manta Rays

Majestic Manta Rays measured more than 7.6 metres across, weighing more than 2,400 kilograms.


Notice the windows at the backdrop? 11 Ocean Suites occupy the opposite site of the habitat, offering a twist to the proposition of sea-view by providing guests the experience of waking to an under-the-sea vista.

enormous goliath grouper

Enormous goliath grouper

Leopard Stingray

Leopard Stingray



SONY DSCThe S.E.A. Aquarium holds more than 42.8 million litres of fresh and salt water. That’s enough to fill more than 17 Olympic-size swimming pools!


Showcasing the majestic predators, Shark Seas.


This remarkable creature have inhabited the earth for over 420 million years!

S.E.A Aquarium is located at Singapore Resort World Sentosa.

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