Chiang Mai: Pong Yang Elephant Camp

Elephant Camp Pongyaeng

There are plenty of elephant camps in Chiang Mai. Besides Mae Sa elephant camp; one of the oldest and well known elephant camps among the tourist, I decided to opt for non-touristy elephant riding at Pong Yang Elephant Camp recommended by Joe. Elephants in Thailand used to play a vital role both in the economic and social life of the country but now it has been a major tourist activity.


The camp is located further in the Mae Rim Valley, surrounded by pristine green hills on the mountain side and plantations on the  valley.


There were only 4 elephants at one time and I waited for about an hour for the elephant ride. While waiting, you will definitely enjoy the untouched view.


The riding fee is reasonable. It is good to have a local with you to negotiate the price.


Majority of the manhouts are ethnic Karen people.


Amazing ride down the scenic paths.


Stopover at the waterfall.


Back to the camp!

_DSC0840 A

Thanks for the ride!


Pit stop for coffee break. Look no further, Wawee Coffee is the best local brand in Chiang Mai. Similar to Starbucks, the cafe serves a variety of coffee drinks using home grown beans. Joe drove to the nearest outlet near Mae Sa elephant camp. After a sip, Wawee has been my favourite coffee in Chiang Mai ever since!

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  1. I rode elephant during my visit to Koh Samui but it was too touristy. This one looks better and the view is splendid. I would suggest you to go to Kuala Gandah in Malaysia as they have a large elephant sanctuary there.

    Since I have never been to Kuala Gandah, maybe we can go together on your next trip here?

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