Mid Autumn Festival @ Gardens by the Bay 2016


Mid-Autumn Festival at the Gardens by the Bay is back till 18 September with a dazzling display of elaborately handcrafted lantern sets that bring to life Asian stories of the Moon. This year lantern display is at a smaller scale compared to previous year. Nevertheless, the 10 sprawling lantern sets around the Gardens looks stunning in the evening.


The Matchmaker

Mid Autumn GBTB

Lantern display near the arrival square.


Other highlights include nightly performances in collaboration with the National Arts Council, cultural activities and craft booths, and a food street.

Mid Autumn GBTB 1

One of the biggest lantern sets is “The Ten Suns”, which tells the tale of the archer Hou Yi, the husband of Moon Goddess Chang Er, and measures 27 metres across.

Mid Autumn GBTB 3

The Jade Rabbit


The Moon and the Sun


Colonnade of lights. Take a stroll along the Colonnade as 4,000 colourful lanterns in a myriad of colours and design hang above. These lanterns were painted by the community including local and international students and senior citizens.


Do remember to catch the Garden Rhapsody – A Journey through Asia at 7.45pm and 8.45pm till 18 September 2016. Click here for programme of the Mid-Autumn Festival 2016


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