Kota Kinabalu: Mari Mari Cultural Village


For a first timer in Sabah, my visit to the Mari Mari Cultural Village (Mari Mari – means come, come in malay) has been an eye opener. I purchased my ticket through Borneo Trails inclusive of 2-way transfer. The village is a remake of a living museum to understand the culture of Sabah’s tribal inhabitants. It was great to see the culture being celebrated and kept alive with such enthusiasm. The village is located about 3o minutes drive from the city center. All visitors will go through as a small groups with a knowledgeable guide. The village features 5 different ethnic tribes; Dusun, Rungus, Lundayeh, Bajau and Murut. Here’s what you at expect at the MMCV.


We crossed the hanging bridge over a small stream and head to the village.


We start off by exploring the Dusun tribe house.


They hang a human skull as a reminder the consequences of stealing their crops if they get caught. Don’t worry, the skull is a replica.


This is the bedroom for unmarried daughter of the house. After she went up in night, the ladder will be taken away!

This is what the kitchen looks like.


Along the way, we stop by at several demonstration station.

Cooking using bamboo.


Kuih Jala demonstration. “Jala” means Net in Malay language.


Visitors will get to taste the local rice wine.


Honey tasting too.


Bajau were the sea gypsies of Sabah. They have an utter love for colours! This is actually the set up of a wedding dais.


Prayer room.


As we enter the Murut village there is a Shaman to keep us from carrying any evil spirits  into the village.


I was given the opportunity to try out the blowgun.


Henna Tattoo.


The suspended platform which operates like a trampoline, was a central feature of Murut longhouses.


Also known as lansaran, they would bounce to follow the tempo and then jumped high enough to grab the prize right at the ceiling.


After exploring the 5 houses, we headed to the amphitheater for a cultural performance, followed by a lunch buffet. The tour takes about 4 hours, you can choose to a slot in the morning (lunch buffet included), afternoon (high tea) and in the evening (with dinner and fire dance show).

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