Taipei: Tallest Building in Taiwan – Taipei 101


Taipei 101 Tower is one of the world’s tallest buildings and hard to miss when you are in Taipei. It has a unique architectural design with the influence of its local culture. At 509.2 meters tall, the main observatory deck is located on level 89. Although the admission ticket can be considered pricey but the view and experience is worthwhile.

Indoor Observatory


To avoid the crowd, I decided to head up the observation deck as early as 9am. The lift up to level 89 was quite a rush and it took roughly 40 seconds to reach the top!


View from the top.


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

Interesting perspective views from the top.

Taipei 101

The floor to ceiling windows that allows you to take panoramic view of the city.


Clear visibility.


The block-like stacks of 8 is a lucky number according to Taiwanese culture. The tower also resemble both an Asian pagoda and the reeds of a bamboo tree.

Wind Damper

Taipei 101

I get to see the 728-ton tuned mass damper (TMD), a large spherical steel pendulum that offsets lateral movements caused by strong winds. The TMD is located near the top of the tower. This location is ideal for countering overturning forces, a necessary precaution in a typhoon-prone part of the world.

Outdoor Observatory

Taipei 101 Outdoor

The outdoor observation deck on level 91 is only open on days with favorable weather conditions.


Taipei 101 Observatory
89th Floor, No. 7, Xinyi Road Section 5, Taipei City
Ticket counter is located at Taipei 101 Mall, Level 5
Opens Daily: 9am – 10pm. Get your tickets here!

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