Taipei: Shifen, Pingxi & Jingtong


The Pingxi line runs through Ruifang and Pingxi Districts in Taipei. The railroad was originally built by the Japanese to transport coal in 1921. Now, the line serves as a popular route to tourist attractions such as Shifen, Pingxi and Jingtong town. I hopped on the Pingxi Line train and explore 3 of the scenic stations.

Pingxi Line Railway
Take the train to Ruifang Station (Taipei Railway Station, TRA). Alight at Ruifang Station and purchase the Pingxi Line ticket over the counter.
Train depart hourly
NT$52 for one day ticket

Shifen Old Street


My first stop was Shifen Station. You should alight here for Shifen Old Streets and Shifen Waterfall. The station was originally built for transporting coal alongside the Shifen Old Streets. To maximise your visit at each town, I would advise you to check the train schedule beforehand.


Notable train cabin of the Pingxi Line.

Releasing Sky Lanterns


At Shifen Old Street, you can find plenty of shops selling sky lanterns and souvenirs on both sides of the railway. If you are feeling hungry, there are plenty of eateries located along the railway too. Releasing the sky lanterns as form of good luck seem to be the popular activity at Shifen. You can do it all year round but releasing the sky lanterns during the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is more meaningful. The Sky Lantern Festival usually takes place during the Chinese New Year period.


Each sky lantern cost between NT$150 to NT$200 and you are expected to write down your wishes before releasing it to the skies.


Visitors can freely cross the tracks running but watch out for incoming train!


While releasing the sky lanterns seems a fun activity, I refuse to partake in this activity because I’m more concerned that it could pose a fire and environmental hazard.

Jing-an Bridge


Located near the Shifen Station, the 128m-long picturesque bridge is one of Shifen’s iconic symbols and the longest bridge in the town of Pingxi. This suspension bridge was built by a mining company in 1974 and the bridge is now serve as a pedestrian bridge.

Shifen Old Street
226, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Pingxi District
Located near Shifen Station
Admission is free

Shifen Waterfall Park


Another 20 minutes of casual stroll from Shifen Old Street will get you to the famous Shifen Waterfall.

I would suggest to use the restroom at the visitor center before continuing your walk to the waterfall.

Do check out the amazing view from the visitor center.


Shifen Waterfall is definitely not a handicap and stroller friendly attraction. You will need to walk on a wooden boardwalk and climb a couple of stairs to reach the waterfall.


Shifen Waterfall is also known as Little Niagara of Taiwan because of its horseshoe shape and strong water flow.


The stunning Shifen Waterfall.


View from the observation deck.


Guan Pu suspension bridge.


Cascading waters.


Shifen Waterfall
No.11, Gankeng, Pingxi District, New Taipei City 226, Taiwan
20 minutes walk from Shifen Old Street
Open daily from 9:00am to 4:30pm
Admission is free

Pingxi Old Street


Pingxi Station was much quieter than Shifen.


Ping Hse Chiao.


It was developed in Japanese occupation period and there are still many old Japanese style houses around the neighborhood.


There are many shops selling local delicacies and souvenirs.


Pingxi Old Street
No.12, Zhonghua St., Pingxi Dist., New Taipei City 22641, Taiwan
Take the Pingxi Line railway and alight at Pingxi Station
Admission is free

Jingtong Old Street


Jingtong Station is the terminal station of the Pingxi line. The town is rather small compared to Shifen but a pleasant place to stroll along the alley.


Jingtong was once a bustling coal town in the area which still retains the charm of yesteryear.


You can get variety of unique souvenirs at this town.


Wishes written on Bamboo flutes.

Jingtong Old Street
Jingtong Street, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Take the Pingxi Line railway and alight at Jingtong Station
Admission is free

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