Taipei: Four Four South Village


Four Four South Village (Village 44) is not on the top list of places to visit in Taipei but the former military village is worth to drop by if you have time. The village used to be the residential area for members of the Nationalist military. Just 5 minutes walk from Taipei 101, a portion of the village is now a designated historical site and transitioned into a community park.


There is a cafe/art centre called Good Cho’s located inside the village.


During the weekends, this space transforms into a market place selling handicrafts and food.


A great place for photo opportunity.

Old buildings collide with brightly coloured doors and windows.


The alley.


Four Four South Village
No.54, Songqin St, Xinyi Dist, Taipei 110, Taiwan
5 minutes walk from Taipei 101
Admission is Free

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