Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay 2017


Myriads of colours light up this year Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 at Gardens by the Bay with the theme Autumn Abundance. You will be wowed by the variety of large-scale lantern sets of bountiful harvests and good fortune. Here is what you can expect at the much-anticipated event in the Gardens’ calendar.

Field of Sunshine


The hardworking honey-bees. More than 500 sunflower lanterns are on display. The sunflower is symbolic of the sun due to its shape and colour, and is often associated with longevity and good luck.

Flight of the Dragonflies

Mid Autumn Festival 2017

More than 100 dragonfly lanterns adorning the Supertrees and Dragonfly Bridge.


Don’t forget to catch the special Mid-Autumn edition of Garden Rhapsody features a medley of popular tunes that revolve around the moon.


 The dragonfly is often associated with prosperity, harmony and as a good luck charm.


Literally a Dragonfly Bridge

Splendour of Blooms


Featuring some 250 waterlily lanterns lights up the Dragonfly lake. Water lilies are associated with fertility , creation and rebirth. In some cultures, they stand for love, purity and knowledge.


These lanterns also consist of fishes and ducks, each one lighting up to the rhythm of accompanying music.

Trail of Abundance


The hardworking ants with a plethora of fruit and vegetable lanterns.


Did you know that each lantern basket contains about 40 lantern crops.

Waters of Prosperity


Spanning an area of 1,250 square metres over water, this lantern set portrays a fishing village teeming with 70 carp lanterns. Fish is a symbol of wealth and abundance in Chinese culture. The carp is also admired for its perseverance as it swims against the current.


Believe it or not, this is the largest lantern display at Gardens by the Bay to date.

Grains of Gold


A paddy field illuminated with 4,000 glowing rice stalks. Rice is a staple in many Asian homes . An abundant harvest is important as rice is not only a source of food but also a source of income for many communities . In some cultures, rice symbolises fertility, luck and wealth.

Illuminations of Joy


The Silver Garden comes aglow with some 1,000 light installations created by beneficiaries from 30 social service organisations in Singapore. Illuminations of Joy celebrates a bicultural festival of lights with a display that will run from Mid-Autumn to Deepavali in the Gardens.

Arrival of the Phoenix


My favourite installation for this year Mid-Autumn Festival is the colourful and intricately crafted phoenix in flight. Phoenix is a legendary creature associated with warmth and harvest.


Reaching a height of 7m, the phoenix leads visitors through a colourful tunnel of lights.

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Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay 2017
Now on till 8 October 2017, 6pm-11pm
Various Locations at Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Admission is Free! Click here for more info

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore | lonelytravelog.com

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