i Light Marina Bay 2018


i Light Marina Bay 2018 is back featuring 22 sustainable artworks from 14 countries. For the first time, the annual light festival has been extended to the Esplanade Park. Here is what you can expect at this year i Light edition.



Cradle2Cradle is inspired by Newton’s Cradle. Through interaction, the spheres illuminate upon impact.

Location: Esplanade Boulevard

Light Play


Installation by Nanyang Technological University.

Location: Esplanade Boulevard



Octopoda is an interactive light installation that invites audiences to become part of his tentacle percussion ensemble. Featuring eight tentacle drums, each activates a unique display of colour and light animating the Octopoda.

Location: In front of Marina Bay Event Square

Light Breeze


Inspired by the gentle sways of the lalang plant, Light Breeze is a tribute to the overlooked and diminishing flora and fauna within Singapore’s ever urbanising landscape. The installation isolates and emphasises the gentle swaying motion of the cogon grass through the use of lights and its monument structure.

Location: Mist Walk



The passage through the tunnel activates light animations and sounds.Without a doubt, this is one of the popular installation for this year i Light edition.

Location: MBS Lower Boardwalk



The installation of numerous giant orchids on Anderson Bridge are covered with delicate light, and will take the viewer to the world of dreams and fantasies, where they can experience the visions of their childhood imagination.

Location: The Mist



Kloud is an interactive light installation that connects people and the colours of their everchanging emotions. Public can touch the clouds to disrupt its lights. The accompanying web app extends this experience into a digital interaction and provides a means for the participants to express their emotions onto the physical installation. They can select and alter the colours on multiple surfaces through the app.

Location: Along Marina Boulevard

Chandelier of Spirits


Made up of coffee bottles, Chandelier of Spirits not only shines brighter when there are more people around it, but it also sings and creates a harmonious chimes sound when the breeze blows.

Location: Along Marina Boulevard



MailboX engages the audience through capturing ambient sound around it, which responds to the volume generated by the crowd, and then visualises the amount of conversation created on the facade of the MailboX.

Location: Along Marina Boulevard



Get your hunger fixed at GastroBeats.

Location: The Promontory @ Marina Bay

With Love…


This is one of the simple installation but yet stunning. This heart takes the pulse of the city by sensing the light, the temperature, the atmospheric pressure.

Location: Clifford Square

Elements of Life


Elements of Life visually narrates the universe’s basic elements; Water, Earth, Wind/Air and Fire. This installation brings the audience through a journey from space to earth and shows how simple life starts with a combination of these elements, and how each relates to one another, from its simplest form to the present and future.

Location: Merlion Park



Illumaphonium immerses both participants and spectators in hypnotic cascades of sound, colour and rhythm. Illuminated chime bars each responding to touch with ever-changing patterns of light and sound; bringing people of all ages and abilities together into a fun and spontaneous music-making experience.

Location: Waterboat House Garden

Milk Bottle Cows


Milk Bottle Cows uses milk bottles, an everyday object which seems familiar but presented in an unfamiliar way to the spectators.

Location: Esplanade Park

The Butterly Effect


The Butterfly Effect utilises drums and a field of lights to represent this reassertion of the agency for change. As each drum is struck, a ripple of lights propagates across the field, from one to many.

Location: Esplanade Park

Dancing Grass


As the glowing grass moves with the wind and artificial movements, it mimics a dancing grass field. You can  experience the larger-than-life grass field touch, feel and hug.

Location: Esplanade Park



Flawless encourages visitors to capture the movement of shedding leaves and its reflection, and invites the contemplation of a natural environment that connects water and wind.

Location: Steps near Esplanade Park

Transistable Plastic


Transistable Plastic allows visitors to submerge into plastic waste and lose themselves in its interior, feeling the inevitable sensation of claustrophobia and the loss of orientation at not being able to find the exit.

Location: Esplanade Bridge

i Light Marina Bay is on from Mar 9 to Apr 1. The main event is from 7.30pm to 11pm, extending to midnight on Friday and Saturday. Admission is free.



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