Light to Night Festival 2019: The Art Week Edition

light to night 2019 (2)

This year annual urban art event comprises 2 editions over 6 weeks at the Civic District. The Art Week Edition explores contemporary art and ideas inspired by the Civic District’s histories and stories. The works presented in this edition respond to the theme “Traces and Echoes”

Art Skins of Monuments – The Odyssey

The main highlights is the biggest façade light show in Singapore created by artists, illustrators and multimedia designers on the façades of four iconic buildings in the Civic District. The Odyssey presents the wanderings of an Explorer across seven surfaces of the Civic District’s majestic monuments.

Day and Night


Venue: National Gallery Singapore. From 8pm onwards.

Light and Shadow

light to night 2019 (4)

Venue: National Gallery Singapore (Supreme Court Wing, facing The Arts House)

Stasis & Flux


This is an interactive wall where visitors have the chance to flaunt their best moves and have it reflected on projection above.

Venue: National Gallery Singapore (Padang Atrium)

Order & Chaos

light to night 2019 (6)

Venue: The Art House

Growth & Decay

light to night 2019 (7)

Venue: Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert

Dreams & Reality

light to night 2019 (8)

Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum

Sticks by Sebastian Chun

light to night 2019 (3)

This free-standing sculpture revives two ubiquitous hallmarks of Singapore in yesteryear: the childhood game “pick-up sticks” and bakau piling, a technique once commonly used to construct scaffolding.

Venue: ACM Green

Resonance by NAFA


Venue: ACM Green

Light to Night Festival 2019
Now on till 24 February 2019, 5pm-12am
Singapore Art Week edition (Jan 18-27)
Singapore Bicentennial edition (Jan 28-Feb 24)
Various Locations at Civic District
Admission is Free!

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