The Bicentennial Experience

Bicentennial Experience (1)

The Singapore Bicentennial in 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore – a key milestone in our rich and storied history. The Bicentennial Experience is a multimedia sensory experience bringing you back in time to witness key moments in Singapore’s transformation from as far back as 1299.

Bicentennial Experience

The Bicentennial Experience consist of 2 parts; Time Traveller and Pathfinder. You would need an entry ticket to visit the indoor experience show – Time Traveller.

The Time Traveller

Bicentennial Experience (4)

You will start the journey at the atrium by travelling back in time and watch how the forces of nature played a significant role in shaping the rise and fall of port cities. It comprises five acts and spans 60 minutes.

Act 1: Beginnings

Bicentennial Experience (8)

Enter a 3-D set and watch live actors on a moving runway breathe new life into the story of early Singapura, a thriving maritime emporium under the rule of Sang Nila Utama and his successors. You will witness the rise and fall with the epic clash of kings and empires in this region for more than three centuries from 1299.

Act 2: Arrival

Bicentennial Experience (3)

The arrival of the British in 1819 marked a new trajectory for Singapore. Get on board the ship which brought Raffles to Singapore and soar skywards to see what Singapore looked like back then. Through an elliptical screen, you will have the chance to witness the treaty signing.

Act 3: Connectivity

Bicentennial Experience (12)

Singapore evolving further into a bustling metropolis but beneath these glitzy developments were grim realities, especially for those of the labouring masses who had to contend with a whole range of social ills. These prompted prominent members of the various communities to step forward in attempts to address these issues.

Act 4: Occupation

Act 4

Act 4 consist of audio and actual oral account during the Japanese Occupation.

Act 5: Destiny

Bicentennial Experience (5)

Visitors will be handed umbrellas for this Act as you enter the ‘rain’ enclosure. With a recap of scenes from previous Acts, journey through the story of how our nation emerged through the contribution of ordinary people.  You will have the chance to walk through Singapore’s first National Day Parade in 1965, where it rained.

Which DNA Trait do you think is the most important to Singapore?

Bicentennial Experience (9)

At the conclusion of the experience, visitors will be asked to pick a DNA trait (Multi-culturalism, Openess or Self-determination) that is the most important to Singapore by dropping a ball into the boxes. Based on the overall count, Self-determination is the most important!


The Pathfinder is a series of eight pavilions and outdoor installations. No ticket is required for this exhibition.

House of Maps

Bicentennial Experience (10)

Emporium of the East

Bicentennial Experience

Reflections of Our Past

Bicentennial Experience

Seed Conservatory

Bicentennial Experience

The Bicentennial Experience
Now till 31 December 2019
Fort Canning Centre

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