A New Level of Fun at Changi Experience Studio

LT Changi Airport Experience (1)

The state of the art digital experience attraction, Changi Experience Studio (CES) is the first of its kind in Singapore. This aviation-themed attraction is located on Level 4 of Jewel Changi Airport. Leveraging on the latest technology, the studio presents a journey of fun and discovery through the exciting virtual world of Changi Airport. There are over 20 different touchpoints across ten zones and you can expect interactive games, projection storytelling, immersive shows and gallery exhibits

Digital exploration with the “Travel Guide”

My start of my studio exploration is done primarily with the Travel Guide; a personal interactive “cupboard” device. This cutting-edge technology developed by German-based Milla & Partner that utilises optical infrared markers on the Travel Guide for detection and content projection, which are triggered and controlled by the visitor’s intuitive movements.

Tips: Sign up (free) as Changi Rewards Members to enjoy special discounted ticket price [Purchase ticket from Jewel App or at Jewel Concierge Counters]

Journey through the Cloud

The first stop is the Cloud. You will be greeted with whimsical virtual butterflies and you will learn how to use the interactive Travel Guide, which is the key to unlock the array of surprises inside the studio.

Time Tunnel

LT Changi Airport Experience (4)

The Time Tunnel traces back Changi Airport’s historical milestones and experience how the airport has evolved through the years.

Unlocking the Secrets of Changi Airport at Hanging Green

LT Changi Airport Experience (5)

Besides the floral display, this zone consist of seven interactive discovery stations.

LT Changi Airport Experience (6)

At each station, you can use the Travel Guide to unlock the different aspects of Changi Airport; from the story behind each terminal, to what goes on behind the scenes, including airside operations, horticulture, and the creation of the Changi Experience for passengers.

Amazing Runway: Porsche vs Boeing 747

LT Changi Airport Experience (7)

Amazing Runway is a multiplayer “cycling” simulation game that mimics the heart-pumping Changi Airport Race; the exciting runway race between a Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera Cup car and a Boeing 747 aircraft, which was held back in 2009.

LT Changi Airport Experience (8)

The race consist up to 10 visitors by forming into two teams. You can represent either the car or plane. The faster you cycle, it will increase the speed and power to win the  competition.

Be part of Changi at the Backstage

LT Changi Airport Experience (13)

Understand the different functions at the airport at the Efficiency Game station inspired by critical airport processes like check-in, aircraft turnaround, baggage sorting and immigration.

LT Changi Airport Experience (12)

You can also take fun photos against the different airport backgrounds and get it printed out at kiosks for SGD 4.00!

LT Changi Airport Experience (11)

Awards and Accolades of Singapore Changi Airport.

Connecting the World at the Sky Deck

LT Changi Airport Experience (9)

The Sky Deck is a visual spectacle that showcases Changi Airport’s connectivity.

LT Changi Airport Experience (10)

Use the Travel Guide to find out interesting facts about each destination.

Garden of Harmony

LT Changi Airport Experience (14)

One of the studio’s highlights and my favourite zone is the Garden of Harmony.  Take a stroll across the Meadow and follow the butterflies through the field of petals.

LT Changi Airport Experience (15)

There are 7 clusters which consist of different musical instrument. Step on it and use your Travel Guide to make music through vertical hand movements.

Together with other players, you will perform a symphony and once you hit 100%, the entire garden will form a mesmerising audio and visual spectacle.

LT Changi Airport Experience (18)

The Garden of Harmony is a metaphor for teamwork, specifically how the 50,000-strong airport community across many different functions work together to deliver a world-class and seamless Changi experience for all passengers daily.

May the Best Smile Win

LT Changi Airport Experience (20)

Smile is a key part of customer service at Changi Airport. The Smile Challenge allows visitors to flash their brightest smiles in a battle to determine who has the winning smile. Attain the highest smile scores and be on the Hall of Fame. I made it to the 9th spot!

Be the Superhero at the Arena

LT Changi Airport Experience (19)

At the Superhero Game stations, you will have the chance to experience working at the airport through fun games simulating the jobs of a security officer, taxi coordinator and trolley handler. I find it challenging to steer long rows of trolleys through the terminals!

The Finale

LT Changi Airport Experience (21)

The final stop of the Studio is a multimedia presentation.

LT Changi Airport Experience (22)

You will enjoy an awe-inspiring audio-visual experience that will take you through the history of Changi Airport, from the starting point of land reclamation, to present day, with a vision of the future airport.

LT Changi Airport Experience (23)

The CES offer both individual engagement and social bonding that is suitable for all ages.  As an indicative duration, this exploration will takes you about 90 minutes to complete all the experiences within the Studio.

The admission ticket is on the higher side with respect on R&D. The adult standard will cost you SGD 25 or SGD 19 for Singapore Residents. Further discount available for Changi Rewards Members via Jewel App or at the counter.

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Changi Experience Studio (CES) at Jewel
Level 4, Jewel Changi Airport
Daily 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Purchase your tickets here!

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