Hell’s Museum at Haw Par Villa

Built in 1937 as the Tiger Balm Garden, this quirky Asian cultural park is home to over 1,000 statues and 150 dioramas, depicting surreal scenes from legendary works of Chinese literature such as Journey To The West, Madame White Snake, and the stories of the Eight Immortals. My last visit to Haw Par Villa was back in 2012. Not much has changed but after months of upgrading works, the park reopened in late 2021 with a new attraction, Hell’s Museum.

The Hell’s Museum is dedicated to death and the afterlife. While the rest of the park remains free, the Hell’s Museum is a ticketed attraction that stretches over 3,800m² as an introduction leading to the 10 Courts of Hell. This specially curated exhibition provides unique comparative insights on how death and the afterlife are viewed interpreted across different communities around the world.

The museum consists of 10 stations; 6 are indoors and 4 in the outdoors that includes the “air-conditioned” Ten Courts of Hell. The first station kicks off with a short video presentation on the different religions around the world view death.

Path into the Afterlife

In Station 2 and 3, you will discover the path into the afterlife for the different religion, followed by information about graves, niches and ashes.

The photo of the woman is entirely fictional.

The 10 Courts of Hell

Guarded by the grim and ominous ox-headed and horse-faced, the 10 Courts of Hell depicts in detail the punishments in the afterlife that would await the souls of sinners. Good thing that you can walk through Hell in an air-conditioned environment.

The Sixth Milestone

I’m surprised to find a cafe here. Located near the Pagoda Pond, you can grab a bite or drink at the Sixth Milestone. There are also quite a number of vending machines at the park to get your thirst fixed too.

Pre-booking of entry time slot required for all visitors. I would recommend booking your ticket online before heading down to the museum.

AdultSGD 18
Free for aged 6 and under
SGD 10

Hell’s Museum at Haw Par Villa
262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628
Tue – Sun: 10am – 6pm (last entry: 5pm). Closed on Mondays
Purchase your tickets here.

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