Sakura at Gardens by the Bay

Cherry Blossom is back at Gardens by the bay featuring tokidoki characters! Sakura season symbolises a time of renewal, bringing hope and new dreams at the beginning of the Japanese calendar year.

Making their debut in the floral display are tokidoki’s five magical Unicornos, Fubuki, Ichiyo, Haru & Harumi, Yoshino, and Sakurako, who join characters SANDy and Donutella.

Most cherry blossom varieties bloom in spring, and only last for about one to two weeks.

White Sakura

Ikebana is the ancient and traditional art of Japanese flower arrangement. Ikeru means “to arrange, to give life”, and hana meaning “flower”. Ikebana aims to bring out the inner beauty and grace of nature with the minimal use of floral materials.

Circular windows are called marumado. This traditional Japanese architecture has different forms and functions to present a part of the scenery outside, or for light and ventilation.

Wagasa or Japanese umbrellas were first introduced to Japan from China at the beginning of the Heian period (794 to 1185). It is an essential element in Japanese tea ceremony, kabuki (a classical form of Japanese dance-drama) and other important forms of traditional Japanese culture. 

Hanami means “flower viewing”. The Japanese continue the tradition of hanami, gathering with family, friends and colleagues for parties under the flowering trees along riversides, in parks, and on the grounds of temples and shrines.

The word koinobori; koi meaning “carp” and nobori meaning “flag”. During the Edo period, flags of various colours and shapes were flown on the battlefield. The carp symbolises courage and strength because of its ability to swim up swift-running streams and cascades. Hence carp flags were considered a symbol of success and advancement. 


Sakura featuring tokidoki at Gardens by the Bay #fyp #foryou #sgtiktok #singapore #tiktoksg #sakura @gardensbythebay

♬ original sound – LT – LT

Sakura ft tokidoki characters
From now till 3 April 2022
Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Purchase your tickets here!

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore |

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