i Light Singapore 2022

After a two-year hiatus, i Light Singapore is back for its eighth edition with the theme Spark of Light. The festival will feature 20 artworks by artists from 14 countries took inspiration from the colour violet, which has the shortest wavelength and most powerful electromagnetic energy in the visible light spectrum and signifies the awakening of senses akin to the spark of an idea in one’s mind. 

Here’s what you can expect at this year’s festival.

Meet Me Under the Moon

Meet Me Under the Moon is a meditative and interactive installation inspired by the grandeur and poetics of a full moon. Inspired by the Mid-Autumn Festival where loved ones gather to enjoy the moonlight, the installation invites you to take a seat on the cloud benches to light up the full moon in a collective effort; the more people sitting on them, the brighter the sphere becomes.



Underworld by Aleksandra Stratimirovic from Sweden and Leonel Kaplan from Argentina depicts an imaginary undersea settlement with giant lanterns made of discarded fishing nets. Against the backdrop of a soundscape featuring haunting echoes of the sea, the artwork calls attention to the fragility of our marine ecosystem.


Bondfire is an assemblage of glowing columns, where light from a single point is refracted within a clear tube. this installation creates opportunities for chance encounters.


Consisting of a running light strip, this installation creates awareness of climate issues such as rising sea levels and water pollution.


Florescentia, which means “blossoming” in Latin, is a stunning display of kinetic sculptures made of 100% recycled carbon neutral polypropylene, framed against the Singapore skyline. The soft hues and floral display of lights and shapes, simple yet elegant, set the scene for quiet reflection.


Resembling life-like swans floating effortlessly on water, they move along with the winds and ripples of the water, blending perfectly into the environment. This installation is made of upcycled and transformed satellite dishes. Speakers are also used to represent each swan’s head.

Keep on Moving

Keep on Moving is a striking ode to running as a form of exercise that helps maintain a balance of mental stimulation and physical fitness.



Fallen follows the story of an ethereal jellyfish that roamed the universe in search of stars to consume.

Firefly Field

One of my favourite installations is Firefly field featuring a mesmerising display of 500 flying and blinking lights that will illuminate The Promontory at Marina Bay. The cleverly designed rhythm of lights in this installation mimics the intermittent flashing pattern of fireflies, which make use of blinking displays to send optical signals and locate potential mates.

Collective Memory

Collective Memory honours a milestone in the evolution of digital storage by crafting upcycled compact discs (CDs) into a shimmering landscape of reflected light.

Alone Together

Alone Together features an interactive projection that captures the collective experience of living in isolation during the pandemic. The installation is inspired by the scenes of housing estates in Singapore, and captures vignettes of private moments that tell a story of people’s lives when they were confined to their homes.

A multisensory light art experience above the Marina Bay waterbody

Over at the Lower Boardwalk at Marina Bay, visitors will be invited to embark on a specially constructed floating pontoon for a multi-sensory journey.


Ruffled Ice

Ruffled Ice turns trash into visualisations of melting icebergs and ice caverns by using plastic waste collected from several organisations, including a plastic recycling company. Sculpted from redundant packaging materials, the installation highlights the enormous damage discarded plastics have on our environment.

Eyes of the Sea

Eyes of the Sea is an installation that is upcycled by ironing and reshaping discarded plastic bottles to resemble captivating ocean waves and casts wave-like shadows on the ground.

Plastic Whale

Plastic Whale features an inflatable whale filled with recyclable plastic bottles and scraps, breathing in distress. The artwork highlights the plight of marine creatures that are struggling to survive in their increasingly polluted homes.

MOTHEREARTH ClimateChange Data Sculpture

A projection installation on the façade of ArtScience Museum will transform publicly available environmental data, such as those obtained from local weather recordings, into a stunning visual treat comprising moving lights, colours and sounds. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the artwork turns data into an enjoyable sensory experience, while drawing attention to climate change issues.

i Light Singapore 2022
From now till 26 June 2022
Marina Bay, Admission is Free!
Click here for the festival map.

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