Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 at Gardens by the Bay

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay will see the return of two significant crowd favourites to Supertree Grove: the outdoor marketplace and cultural performances. With the theme “reunion”, you can expect lantern displays at various locations within the gardens.

Check out the Flight to the Phoenix at the Golden Garden which showcases hundreds of birds soaring towards the phoenix, in honour of its generosity during a drought.

Five Blessings

In Chinese culture, tigers are believed to ward off evil and protect people. This colourful lantern display of five tigers is inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of the Chinese cloth tiger, where each tiger is designed to represent a different blessing: Joy, Health, Love, Longevity and Peace.

Joyous Reunion

Join the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, as they engage in various fun activities during their own reunion on a beautiful moonlit night.

The Colours of Daily Life

Enter a magical world through a secret door and join animal friends and family as they play traditional Korean games of yut-nori (a Korean board game) and kite-flying.

Colourful Blossoms

Inspired by the Chinese phrase, which means a colourful and prosperous scene, the Supertree Grove is decorated with a floral arch made up of more than 20 lantern peonies.

Colonnade of Lights

The Colonnade of Lights is a vibrant showcase of some 1,000 beautiful paper lanterns designed and hand-painted by the community.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022
From now till 11 September 2022
Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Admission to the outdoor exhibitions is FREE!

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore | lonelytravelog.com

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