Light to Night Festival 2023: Here and Now

Light to Night Festival 2023 is back in a full-throttle. Titled Here And Now, the festival invites visitors to reflect on contemporary topics and explores what it really means to be in the present.

This year’s Art Skins on Monuments display at National Gallery Singapore features 3 light projections;

  • Yen Yen by Lolay & KOBORED
  • Residual Memory of the Walls by Studio Batu
  • Changing Landscapes by Axel Serik, Flex Chew, Han Sai Por
Location: National Gallery Singapore, Façade


Ephemeral is an immersive light and sound environment that aims to capture the concept of ephemerality in a visual form: the bubble.

Location: Padang
By Atelier Sisu

Hearing Padang

Consisting of two curved structures, this interactive installation creates an acoustic experience by allowing sound to travel from one end to another.

Location: Padang
By Sai

Art X Social (Festival Village)

Festival-goers can unwind and fuel up while they enjoy public art installations and projections on building façades around the Civic District.

Location: Empress Lawn and St Andrew’s Road


Botanica is a surreal canopy of uncanny, macroscopic flowers that grow and dance in slow motion in the sky. The light projection uses found footage and was inspired by real plants and their significance in Southeast Asian art.

Location: National Gallery Singapore, Supreme Court Wing, Level 3, Rotunda Library & Archive
By Studio McGuire

There Is A Window In My Eye If You Look In You Will See The Sky

Dawn Ng’s vast aerial sculptures are a meditative response to the theme of the festival, drawing viewers’ attention to the visual language of time through the colour gradients unique to our Singapore sky.

Location: National Gallery Singapore, Supreme Court Wing, Level 1, Padang Atrium
By Dawn Ng


Dreamer takes the viewer into a surreal, dreamy world created with elements and symbols related to the history of art.

Location: The Arts House, Façade
By Ari Dykier​


PULSE is a motion piece that is exciting yet calm, made up of black and white graphical elements that flow into each other. The work seeks to mesmerise visitors through the pure beauty of the light and sound spectacle. The soundtrack is pitched at 432Hz, a frequency that resonates with the patterns of the universe.

Location: Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall, Façade
By Felix Frank

Here and Now

Here and Now follows the journey of an abandoned cat as it chases a ball of light through a dark alleyway. The lost cat unexpectedly encounters a mythical creature, before being eventually led to her new owner.

Location: Asian Civilisations Museum, Extension Wing Façade
By Students of School of the Arts

Light to Night Festival 2023: Here and Now
Now on till 26 January 2023
Various Locations, Civic District
Admission is Free!


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