i Light Marina Bay 2012

i Light Marina Bay, Asia’s first and only sustainable light art festival was first held  in 2010. This is the second installation this year held from 9 March to 1 April 2012 from 7:30pm – 11:00pm. This light art festival is not to be miss if your in Singapore. Head down to the heart of Singapore to enjoy Marina Bay’s night scape along the 3.5km waterfront promenade. For more info on the installation and programs, click here.

‘Light of Merlion’ and ‘Garden of light’ installation video.

After Light is sponsored by the United Arab Shipping Company (As seen the acronym at the container) and supported by Creative New Zealand. Their process combines many influences from industrial design, video art, documentary film, live cinema, performing arts and interactive digital art.

An original multi-screen work installed on shipping containers. This festival commission features footage shot in Singapore and New Zealand.

Art installation inside the container

Bibigloo – France. Composed of 250 polyethylene jerry cans, it presents itself as a contemporary replacement for the conventional ice igloo.

Light of the MerlionOCUBO Portugal pays tribute to the Merlion, which was inaugurated in 1972. As a light celebration of this symbol and connecting with the festival theme “Light Meets Asia”

Light of the Merlion creates a memorable experience through light projection over the surface of the sculpture.

I like how the range of colours stand out from the night scape. A pretty sight indeed.

Key Frames – Groupe LAPS, France installation uses LED light tubes to create a display of more than twenty static stick figures. When paired with an electrifying soundtrack, the lights create a choreographed display which evokes movement, activity and a festive atmosphere.

enLIGHTenment – Edwin Tan, Singapore This installation consist of video wall made up of multi-coloured light tubes.

Garden of Light – Hexogon Solution, Singapore. This is one of my favourite installation in this event. It is an ambitious projection on the surface of the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands incorporating a variety of light and sound effects to tell a story about environmental sustainability and highlight the beauty of the natural world.

This installation create a spectacular effect visible from several vantage points throughout Marina Bay.

Showtimes for this installation as followed:  8:15pm, 8:45pm,  9:15pm, 9:45pm, 10:15pm, 10:45pm. Best viewed from The Helix bridge. Subjected to weather condition.

Deck Journey – Zulkifle Mahmod, Singapore. Eight deck chairs are set up along the waterfront. When a visitor sits on one of them, it lights up and transmits a specially created sound scape. The visitor is enveloped in a light and sound bubble while enjoying a view of Marina Bay.

5QU1D – Ryf Zaini, Singapore. A squid-like creature embedded with blinking lights emerging from the sea to merge itself with the skyscrapers

Flow – Olivia Lee, Singapore. For this installation, visitors able turn the turbines by hand, converting kinetic energy into light.

The Gate – Li Hui, China. Hundreds of small beams of low intensity laser light frame the entryway and radiate straight past the viewer, splashing red into eternity. The is one of the interesting installation that caught my eye.

There are over 30 installation spot to visit from. Do visit while it still last till 1st April 2012.

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7 Thoughts

  1. Cool pictures, shame when i went not all the displays were on which was a shame. however it was a good exhibition of light display :o)

  2. The kids and I were in Singapore and had a great time. We were only on Sentosa Island though, an ideal place if you have young kids. I’ll have to try to main land next time!

  3. I like most of the photos here. Thats shows how lively the city is at night. Great atmosphere and a place to enjoy nightlife photography. Eventho i’ve not been to Singapore yet. I can feel the atmosphere from the photos. I click on every single stars on this post. Keep up the good work lonelytravelog! This is one of my favourite blog to follow with.

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