Heritage State of Melaka, Malaysia

Here’s my recent 2 days trip to Malacca or Melaka in Malaysia. This small state is known for its historical relics and culture. Malacca was first conquered by the Portuguese and later by the dutch in the 1500s. It was in 1900s Malacca was part of Malaysia federation. I’m not surprised that Malacca has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2008. Malacca is just 2-3 hr drive or bus ride from Kuala Lumpur city. If your from Singapore, there are many coaches provide service to Malacca too. For instance, Luxury Travel & tours (I used their service to Kuala Lumpur before) also provide service to Malacca.

If you never been to A Famosa Fortress, then your not visiting Malacca. This fotress is one of the oldest surviving remnants of European architecture in Asia. Once part of a mighty fortress, this tiny gate (called the Porta de Santiago) is all that history has spared. This is the only remaining part of the fortress still standing.

(Not in picture) The ruins of St. Paul’s church stand at the summit of St. Paul’s hill near the remains of A Famosa fortress. I’ve been there before but since we had a long tired day, we skip that.

Nearby the fortress, rows of ‘beca’ or Trishaw waiting for customers.

It cost RM15 for a short trip from A famosa – Church – A famosa. Pricey!

Christ Church is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia. Construction began in 1741 on the centennial of the Dutch occupation, and it was completed in 1753. Before this date the Dutch used the old Portuguese church atop St. Paul’s hill for their religious services.Nearby the church, Stadthuys is the oldest and largest building surviving in Southeast Asia from the early Dutch colonial era. The building is now converted into a museum.

Melaka River Cruise is the best option to enjoy view of Melaka. It was once a muddy river with fishing boats crowding the river mouth. Now, it’s totally the opposite. Once on board, passengers will be serenade with malay traditional songs and recorded commentary along the way of the attraction. Starts from 9am to 11.30pm. Ticket cost RM10 per adult.

Menara Taming Sari or Taming Sari Tower is an observation tower offer a spectacular and panoramic view of Melaka UNESCO World Heritage City. 110m in height and able to accommodate 66 passengers at once. Appox. 10 minute ride cost RM20 per adult.

Marine Museum or Muzium Samudera is a replica of a portuguese ship called Flor de La Mar which was sunk in South Malacca sea in 1500s. This museum focus on the  maritime history of Malacca and the golden age of Malacca as east Emporium.

It is not hard to miss this ship from far. With numerous museums right the center of Malacca city, I bet you can’t cover it all in a day

My relative drive over to the famous location of Perigi Hang Tuah or Hang Tuah well. Hang Tuah was the legend of ultimate Melaka warrior about 14th to 15th century. Being strong and intelligent, he serve the Melaka Sultanate. Legend says, his magic chanting and Holy Kris make him immune from any weapons. The mystery behind the well is that the water of the well can make your face younger. Anyway, it is not proven scientifically. Ironically, the water of the well never dried even in the drought time.

Nearby Hang Tuah Well is the Malacca Traditional Malay House which is a kampong.

According to the owner, this wooden house or kampung is a replica of the original house which was demolished. Every single detail has been carefully build to look original. Entry fee of RM1 per person if you would like to view this kampung.

A poem written in Malay welcoming visitors into the traditional house of Melaka.

The kampung consist for 2 floors. This is how the upper deck look like, with a bed in the middle. One have to climb ‘Tangga loteng’ or the attic wooden steep stair.

View from the attic. Traditional malay clothes are also available for rent

Inside the bedroom

An antique phone

Dinnerware display

This is how the kitchen looks like in the olden days. Well of course, i can’t get this experience back at home. It’s been an eye opener for me.

Last but not least, the original Klebang coconut shake!! This is my first time trying it. The queuing and waiting is horrendous! However, once you try, it worth the 30 minutes of wait. The ingredients are simple actually. Blended ice, sugar syrup, vanilla ice cream and the main star, coconut! If you’re into milkshake or bubble tea, you’ll love it.

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  1. Almost a year since my last visit to Melaka. I love it a lot. There’s ‘something’ there that keeps me wanna go back. Love the ambiance, the scenery, the feeling there. Haha. And it’s so near from KL/Shah Alam [a 1 1/2 hour drive] which makes Melaka the best place to run to from KL. I went there twice last year!

    22/2/11 – http://kairulizwan.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/cuti-cuti-malaysia-melaka-the-historic-city-of-the-straits-of-malacca/

    9/7/11 – http://kairulizwan.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/kenduri-vee-dan-daytrip-ke-melaka-bandaraya-bersejarah/

  2. We have a place called Intramuros, which is a historical place found in Manila, in my country that really looks a lot like this very place. I admire the sense of historical significance attached to each of the photos.

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