Singapore Underwater World

Underwater World Singapore, situated on Sentosa Island, is a unique and well-known oceanarium showcasing marine life from different species. The design of the display concept allows visitors to encounter the mysterious ocean in astounding proximity. You can even have a close encounter the starfish (above) at the touch pool. Adult admission cost $25.90 which include the dolphin lagoon show. Take note of the show schedule to plan your visit. If you decide to be courageous enough to dive with the sharks or swim with the dolphins, special admission ticket is available at the counter.

Similar display whereby one able to slip into the display and touch those fishes. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!

Sea horse!

Crab! Looks a bit weird isn’t? They call it Japanese giant spider crab

Another species of crab

Blue spotted stingray! I swear this stingray is super huge! From far it look like a flying UFO swimming all around!

More of marine fishes! Nemo is hiding somewhere.

The main attraction is the display tunnel. You will feel the ‘under the sea’ atmosphere and fishes swimming all around and above you. An 80-metre conveyor walkway brings the visitors on an exciting voyage through the acrylic display tunnel, which houses sea creatures from diverse geographical origins of the world.

Majestic rays, shrieking sharks, endangered turtles & many more. You name it, they have it, swimming right above you!

The diver striking a pose for visitors to take picture of him. How nice!

If you’re lucky, you get the chance to see them feeding the fishes. Imagine the whole load rush to you for food! Horrendous feeling!

Glowing jelly fishes! Not really glowing, the illuminated lights help them to glow tho. Somehow this turn out to be awesome!

Another species of small jelly fish (Watch the video at the end of this post).

Remember to catch the show at the Dolphin Lagoon. The fur seal and his trainer take a bow at the spectator.

Pink Dolphins in action!

These pink dolphins attempting a synchronise jump

Hula hoop Jump!

Here’s a video of this attraction.

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