Seoul – Teddy Bear Museum & Hello Kitty Cafe

*The Teddy Bear Museum has ceased its operation from November 30, 2013

Thanks to a contributor, I’m able to share these here. On my N Seoul post, I mentioned about *Teddy Bear Museum which I give it a miss. Please visit here for direction. Admission ticket for this museum cost  KRW8000 while the package which include museum and observatory cost KRW12000, but there’s a catch, you need to do the museum tour first before proceed to the observatory. This Museum exhibits shows chronicle history of Seoul from past to present through the use of teddy bears. It shows how Seoul has changed and developed over time from the olden to modern days. The dioramas are posed in scenes recreating historic events as well as various aspects of Seoul lifestyle.

There are two exhibition halls, namely traces Seoul’s history of the Joseon Dynasty to modern-day Seoul. The dioramas depict manual labour construction during the old days.


These dioramas are actually moving

Kimchi in the making!


The nation’s Prince.

Wedding Celebration scene

Emergence of luxury brands such as LV, Gucci in Seoul

and the famous myongdong shopping district.

If you love pink and cats here’s Hello Kitty Cafe, Hong Dae to visit. Getting there, use Hongik University Station. Use Exit 5 and make a left turn.This cafe serve every cakes or coffee with the touch of explosion pink and hello kitty.

Exterior of the Hello Kitty Cafe which you will not miss from far

More of Hello Kitty

It sure taste awesome!!

*All photos in this article own by a contributor. None of these are taken by the author

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17 Thoughts

  1. It is a very curious idea to represent historic facts of a Country by teddy bears dioramas. The idea was to attract kids to the history of their Country? I love Hello Kitty, it reminds me of my childhood and teenage years, and I must confess that in my actual thirties I´m still a fan of Hello Kitty, I even bought a Hello Kitty MP3 about 3 years ago, so I would visit Hello Kitty Cafe if I had the opportunity. By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Kind greetings,

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