Summer: B&J’s ChunkFest

I’ve been invited by fellow blogger to join in another theme photography; Summer. Why not? When I think of Summer, it remind of ice cream. When I think of ice cream, it remind me of Ben and Jerry’s!! Who doesn’t like ice cream? To me, ice cream is such a comfort food. Every year, B&J will hold a yearly chunkfest in all different countries. During the chunkfest, different imported flavours available only at this event and not to mention the games activities and great gigs too. These photos are taken during B&J Chunkfest 2011 in Singapore.

Comical sign to welcome visitors to the chunkfest. The bright sky and hot weather is the perfect time to have an ice cream!

Well, happy grazing!

The weather is so warm that the ice cream melt too quick rather than enjoying it slowly

“Fairness is when I get to taste ice cream from overseas!” I second that!!

Time to get wet! Some of the games visitors can enjoy during the chunkfest.

Fairness is caring, love without border and equality in strength and spirit. True indeed. There are different non profit organisation booth set up during the event to promote awareness from disabilities to animal welfare. With that, I’m looking forward for this year event!

11 Thoughts

  1. Chunkfest looks amazing! The first time I heard bout B&J’s ice cream was when I watched ‘The Town’. And sadly, there ain’t a store in Malaysia yet… I’ve checked their website and due to the franchisor-franchisee rules and laws applied here, they are yet to open a branch here, until they have followed all the regulations. so, maybe I should go down to Singapore for Chunkfest 2012! LOL

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