HortPark – The Gardening Hub

Known as a garden city, believe it or not, Singapore has over 300 parks and almost 50 per cent of the country is covered by greenery. As part of the initiative to nurture an active gardening culture, HortPark (Horticulture in full) a one-stop gardening hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. Click here to get the direction to HortPark.

Alexandra Arch (Name of the bridge) lies right beside HortPark which links Hilltop Walk and Forest Walk. During the night, the bridge is lit up by LED lights displaying varying shades from the colour spectrum of dusk.

It look like an opened leaf, with its curved deck intersecting an arch that is tilted at a 70-degree angle.

One able to walk on this 80m long bridge and admire its unique architecture. In fact, it is a popular spot for runners and joggers in the afternoon.

Henderson Waves and Alexandra Arch are two key linkages that form part of the Southern Ridges walking trail connecting Mount Faber, Telok Blangah Hill and Kent Ridge, in the southwestern part of Singapore. To be honest, I’ve yet to set my foot at Henderson waves which is the the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore at 36m.

The other side of Alexandra Arch is called the Forest Walk, a steel pavement that one walk viewing the forest surrounding it. I’m not going to explore further down for this post as we gonna head back for HortPark; which is my main intention for this post.

HortLawn is a space for special events or just a place to hangout.

Overlook the modern building

Well, if it is not too hot, why not have a picnic with friends instead. Just do remember to clean up the area after use.

Showcase of lifestyle corner. It embraces and incorporates greenery in a living or working space. It offers interesting and innovative ideas for use to work around the spatial and lighting constraints of your home. I do feel that the layout and ideas cater more to landed properties rather than HDB flats.

Discover how the living beauty of plants and the symbolism of flora furnishings

Spiral Staircase

Even the toilet has the nature ambiance

There are different types of garden altogether. For example, balinese garden; which can be use for wedding ceremony, Herb and spice garden and etc

One of the key attractions in HortPark is the Butterfly garden.Open from 9am to 12pm every last saturday of each month, it allow visitors to be in close proximity with the winged beauties. Frankly speaking, a garden is never complete without the lively interaction between people and animals. Butterfly have an intricate relationship with plants and environment and play an important role in making our living environment vibrant, lively and colourful. This butterfly garden in created with the primary objective of providing an environment and opportunity to create awareness of the importance of natural ecosystems in promoting conservation.

A Scarecrow.  For those who yearn for a tranquil environment for relaxation and love gardening, HortPark suit this criteria. For more activities at HortPark, click here.

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  1. Interesting place! When i was in singapore, i managed to visit botanical garden. It is such a beautiful park and atmosphere :)

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