The rising of iPhoneography

Taken with iPhone

Everyone knows nothing beats DSLR in terms of composition and quality. However, because of its size and weight it is impossible to bring wherever you go. Moreover, you need to start fiddling around what lens to use and choose the settings can take a while. With the rising of smart phones such as iPhone, it is good enough to replace a point-and-shoot camera. iPhone camera has a big sensor with an impressive f/2.4 aperture, an IR filter and variety of apps to edit your photos. Even though the quality of megapixels is limited, having an iPhone with you at all times allows you to take and then share your photos on social media sites instantly. So let’s make the most out of your iPhone camera with some of the tips and tricks for better iPhoneography.

Tips 1: Hold firmly with both hands
Stability is important to ensure that the picture turn out clear. Use both hands when you capture an object. The camera shutter isn’t released until you take your thumb off the shutter button on the touch screen. Gently release your finger from the shutter button and remain in the position for few seconds until the image being captured on the screen.
Tips 2: Avoid zooming close to an object
The greater the zoom, the more likely that camera shake will cause your photos to lack sharpness. You will expect noises on your photo as a result. If you need to, move closer to the object.
Tips 3: No-No to fast moving object
iPhone camera were never design like DSLR cameras. So avoid shooting high-speed action, sports and wildlife. Use it for daily happenings in your life.
Tips 4: Let there be light!
Lighting is an important factor for iPhoneography. The lower the light the more grainy (term call noisy) and turn out to be poor quality. Avoid direct contact with sunlight and back-light when shooting an object.
Tips 5: Look out for relfections
Water puddles, windows, mirrors, and shiny objects are some of the visual themes that you can consider for your iphoneography.
Tips 6: Try shoot with different angles and perspectives.
Instead of normal way of shooting, get high, get low, and try to find a fresh angle. Let the them be amazed by your ability even though you took it with your iPhone.
Tips 7: Offbeat object perspectives
Explore different objects that you can shoot such as shadows, street photography. Do something different instead.
Tips 8: Editing is the key of perfection
Edit your photos in terms of colour, brightness and crop unwanted subject. Be it black and white, comical or lomo effects, there are plenty of editing apps in apple store. Here are some of the free/paid photo editing apps I used for my iPhoneography
Tips 9: Share it with friends and to the world
What’s the point of taking pictures without sharing it with your friends and family. Popular platform such as instagram is widely use to share your captured images and collect the number of ‘like’.

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  1. I agree not to use the flash. Sometimes situation with low lighy situation, the result will become whiter ;o))))

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