Panorama in the making

Panorama, wide-angle images are generally consist of number of shots compiled together to complete the single wide-angle photo. Ideal for landscape scenes that are too vast to get into a single shot. We tend to shoot it horizontally but little did we know that vertical is a good perspective shot but it depends on the scene you want to capture. For example. a tall ceiling interiors architecture might work here.

Above is the horizontal method of Panorama view taken in one of the palace in Seoul.

(Left) Vertical view of a courthouse interior. Shoot vertically for a unique perspective. Here are some of tips for panorama shooting.

Tips 1: Use panorama scene mode
Take advantage of panorama scene mode if you camera comes with one OR take a successive shots and stitch them together in editing software.

Tips 2: Manual setting
Switch to aperture priority and select aperture of around f11. Do remember to switch to single point AF. This ensure focus on each shot is the same when you capture the image.

Tips 3: Start shooting!
Shoot as many as you can because you able to choose the best to stitch it together. Take your first shot and tilt the camera slightly to shoot next frame. Depends on your preference to start from the top or bottom first. You may also use tripod to ensure that you camera stay in the same position and allow smooth move between the frames.

After you’re done, it’s time to stitch altogether now. Editing software such as adobe photoshop makes wonders to pictures. Use photomerge function. Click file -> automate -> photomerge. Play around until you get the best merge. Try it!

Here are some panorama view I’ve shoot so far

Woodlands Waterfront, Singapore

The bund, Shanghai

Zhujiajiao, Shanghai

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