Ignite the light and let it shine

Singapore celebrate its 47th birthday on 9 August. From a fishing village to an urbanised city-state, look how far she progressed! This year extravagant celebration held at Floating Platform has the touch of affectionate to the nation with the theme of ‘Loving Singapore, Our home‘. Well, no matter what happens, there’s no other place like home. Even though I didn’t get any tickets for the parade, I managed to catch the blazing fireworks this year at MBS promenade!

National Day Parade Celebration at Marina Bay Sands Promenade

Red Lions parachute jump from super puma helicopter to the floating platform

Final descend

Singapore flag by-pass proudly flown by the Chinook.

Highlight of the whole celebration; AWESOME FIREWORKS! A yearly tradition.

‘Love is the bond that united us as ONE people’

‘Spirit is what our nation is built upon’

‘Identity is knowing who we are & what we can be’

‘Home is not just a place but the reflection of you & me’

I end this with the snippet from NDP 2012 Fireworks

5 Thoughts

  1. Congratulations on the 47th birthday of Singapore. I watched the whole NDP at YouTube. Very impressive bro! ;D Especially on how the NDP managed to show the unity of Singaporeans.

  2. Hey! Great post! Based on your photos, looks like I was standing very near to where you were that night. Funny – I have a photo almost exactly like your sixth photo. Hope you enjoyed the celebration. :)

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