Marc Quinn: Planet

Planet by Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn’s large-scale infant sculpture titled “Planet” is the latest permanent installation in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. From afar, your eyes will play tricks on you creating an illusion of weightlessness. This sculpture is beautifully balanced on a languid arm of a sleeping infant.

Planet by Marc Quinn

Created in 2008, the immense artwork installation is a seven month old sleeping infant fabricated from painted bronze and steel, which is designed to give the impression of being weightless and suspended in mid-air despite the fact it weighs 7 tons and 10m in length.

Planet by Marc Quinn

According to the internationally acclaimed British artist, his interpretation towards Planet is a paradox which looks huge and heavy. However, the bronze appears weightless but overwhelmingly big, yet depict an image of vulnerability.

Planet is located at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

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