What can you expect at NDP 2016


For the first time in 10 years, National Day Parade 2016 returns to the new National Stadium! Also, we are celebrating the first of the next 50 years to SG100. I have the chance to witness the preview of NDP2016. Since the stadium roof has to be closed to execute some of the acts, there will be no Red Lions, fireworks or armoured mobile columns. So what’s new for this year NDP?


The performance stage is designed like a floating island on the stadium’s field of play, the stage is reminiscent of Singapore being an island city-state. The show kick off with the parade and ceremony.


The contingents on parade represent the five pillars of Total Defence.


The Singapore flags was unfurled and raised above the spectator stands when the National Anthem is being played.


Mdm Halimah Yacob was the reviewing officer for the 2nd Preview of NDP2016. Red and yellow sector is the best seats to catch the show!


I love the use of LED wristbands which allow the 25,000 audience to become an integral part of the Show as they collectively contribute to massive visual displays.


Act 1: Badang and the Singapore Stone. We have always heard of Sang Nila Utama but little did we know about Badang. The tale is based on the legend surrounding the Singapore Stone displayed in the National Museum.


Badang is a legendary strongman, renowned for his mighty physical strength.


Act 2: Our Four Civilisations, moves audiences forward with a tribute to the Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western civilisations that were the forefathers of our nation.


Act 3: Dare to Dream. During this segment,  pre-programmed LED wristsbands will light up to create a sea of rainbow-coloured lights that will accompany a beautiful aerial and automated unicorn. The unicorn is a reference to PM Lee Hsien Loong’s comment that Singapore is like the mythical creature — one of a kind.


The mapping of 3D animation onto the props enables the props to come alive in light, colour and motion. In Act 4: Ingenuity, you will be taken on a trip to the future together with 720 participants dressed in brightly-lit LED costumes. They will perform an energetic dance routine complemented by pulsating music and light displays, as well as ninebot machines and eight unmanned systems comprising drones tethered to unmanned ground vehicles.


The highlight of this segment is the aerial performance by SAF MDC. The dance routine includes front and back flips, and dance choreography, all while suspended 10 to 12m up in the air.


This is the first time in NDP, an advanced aerial system has been constructed and rigged up onto the dome roof of the National Stadium to support movement of 25 aerial performers and 29 large aerial props. Act 5: Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow will feature a breathtaking Sky City prop — a massive display six storeys high, made up of multiple iconic buildings.


Act 6: Our Home, Our People. 420 performers from the Singapore Soka Association (SSA) wearing specially-designed skirts will flip their skirts to create mass displays of images. These images are adapted from hand-painted artworks by students of Touch Community Services.


150 special needs participants from seven Voluntary Welfare Organisations joined the show to hand-sign popular NDP songs like Home and Count on Me, Singapore. This is the first time a song-signing segment is featured in NDP.


The absence of outdoor fireworks seem like a letdown but don’t worry, you can still expect indoor fireworks in the stadium.


Sing to your heart’s content! You never know if you are caught on the Sing Cam.


The spectators were showered in confetti and immersed in a multi-sensory experience to mark the end of the performance.

NDP2016 - Fireworks Vantage Points
Credit: ST Times, Singapore

No tickets? Do not fret! If you are thinking to catch the outdoor fireworks, here are the list of vantage points

  • Walkway along Tanjong Rhu Place
  • Walkway along Republic Avenue
  • HDB estates in Beach Rd
  • Along Kallang River

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