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 I believe in the photographer’s magic — the ability to stir the soul with light and shape and colour. To create grand visual moments out of small and simple things, and to infuse big and complicated subjects with unpretentious elegance.  – Unknown

Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

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Here and Now

This week theme.


When we are on stage, we are in the here and now. – Constantin Stanislavski

A perfect circle 18 metres in diameter, 720° is made up of 5,600 silicon cords totalling over 37 kilometres in length and suspended from a height of eight metres. These lightweight rods – swishing and swaying easily – serve as an interactive video screen for both sides of the 360-degree stage.

Ron Arad’s 720°, The Meadow @ Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

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This week theme.


“Where are you going?” I asked.
“The middle of nowhere.”
“I thought this was it.”
“Nah.” You shook your head. “This is just the edge.”

– Lucy Christopher

Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand

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What can you expect at NDP 2016


For the first time in 10 years, National Day Parade 2016 returns to the new National Stadium! Also, we are celebrating the first of the next 50 years to SG100. I have the chance to witness the preview of NDP2016. Since the stadium roof has to be closed to execute some of the acts, there will be no Red Lions, fireworks or armoured mobile columns. So what’s new for this year NDP?

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Singapore Garden Festival 2016


The Singapore Garden Festival is back for the sixth edition. Held at the award-winning Gardens by the Bay, this year’s festival is its largest to-date. You can expect more than 70 garden and floral displays stretching across 9.7 hectares.

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