Taipei: National Taiwan Museum


Built in the Japanese colonial era, this museum is the oldest in Taiwan. To commemorate the opening of the North-South Mainline Railway, the Japanese established the building as Taiwan Viceroy’s Office Museum on 24 October 1908. Now, its name and purpose has been changed to National Taiwan Museum featuring collection and research of anthropology, earth sciences, zoology, and botany in Taiwan. If you are into architecture, this museum is worth to visit.


With its Greek temple façade, and Pantheon-like vaulted ceiling, the Museum was constructed in the Classical style. The main hall at the center of the building is flanked by two exhibition halls. Unfortunately no photography is allowed inside the exhibition halls.


Looking up at the 16-meter high ceiling, the light spills in through the windows between the double vaults into the hall.


The main hall of the Museum is surrounded by 32 Corinthian columns whose capitals boast exquisite acanthus and volute patterns.


The exterior wall is decorated with washed pebbles to imitate the feeling of stone architecture. Black marble and white calcite were also used on the interlaced floor.


The museum consist of 3 floors.


National Taiwan Museum
No. 2, Xiangyang Rd., Taipei, located within peace park.
Take the Red Line to NTU Hospital Station Exit 4, then walk for 3-5 minutes crossing the 228 Peace Park to the Museum.
Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30am to 5:00pm except Chinese New Year
Admission NT$ 30 for adult

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