Children’s Festival 2018: Small Big Dreamers

Small Big Dreamers (20)

Dreams can take you to wondrous places. National Gallery Singapore invites you to express yourself and give the courage to become greater during this June holidays. Children’s Festival 2018: Small Big Dreamers is now on till 9 September 2018. Furthermore, local can enter for free!

Hands on by We Make Carpets

Create works of art using pool noodles, velcro and other household items.

Small Big Dreamers (5)

Location: Supreme Court Wing, Level B1, Koh Seow Chuan Concourse Gallery

Passages and Bridges – Evolution of Firewalk by Mark Justiniani

Small Big Dreamers (20)

Take a surreal walk along this bridge and peer through the windows of time. Uncover stories connecting us to the realms of the cherished and yet forgotten. Passages and Bridges – Evolution of Firewalk.

Location: Supreme Court Wing, Level 1, Outside Koh Seow Chuan Concourse Gallery

A Waking Dream: Sun-Boy an Yellow Man by Lee Wen

Small Big Dreamers (10)

Explore 5 interactive installations with a cast of fun characters inspired by Lee Wen’s book: A Waking Dream and his best-known performance series Journey of a Yellow Man. Through it all, visitors will learn more about Lee Wen’s life and art, as well as what it means to be a small BIG dreamer!

Rainbow Concert Hall

Use the everyday objects around you to create different rhythms and tones.

Day Dream Tunnel

Small Big Dreamers (13)

Spin the wheel and watch what happens!

Rainbow Passageway

As you walk, notice how the rainbow transforms into yellow threads like the sun’s rays.

Dreamers Haven

Small Big Dreamers (16)

Declare your hopes and confront your fears at this installation where you are invited to share your inner-most thoughts. Take two paper wings. Write what you hope on one wing and tie it to the inside of the cage. Then, write what you fear on the other wing and tie it to the outside of the cage.

Anatomy of Dreamers

Inspired by his artworks, visitors can choose how they interact with this installation to find out more about the artist and themselves. Choose one of three paths and discover the different journeys that the Yellow Man has taken and explore Sun-Boy’s land of dreams.

Locations: City Hall Wing & Foyer, Level 1–3, and Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery A

Small Big Dreamers (18)

National Gallery Singapore
1 St Andrew’s Rd, Singapore 178957
By Train: City Hall Station

General Admission Apply

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