Children’s Biennale 2019

Childrens Biennale (1)

Thinking of where to bring the young ones during the June school holidays? The Children’s Biennale is back for the second edition titled Gallery Children’s Biennale 2019: Embracing Wonder. You can expect up to 11 artworks from local and regional artists that seeks to evoke children’s imagination through art. Admission is free for Singaporeans and PRs.

Big Hug

Childrens Biennale (2)

The activities in this room let you imagine your future as one of many interesting professions, learn about colours, positive and negative spaces as well as friendship and teamwork.

Childrens Biennale (3)

Your chance to be an artist.

Memories of Fireflies

Childrens Biennale (4)

Kenangan Kunang-Kunang (Memories of Fireflies) by Eko Nugroho. The lanterns comes alive in a captivating interplay of shadows, colours and patterns.

Stardust: Soaring Through The Sky’s Embrace

Childrens Biennale (5)

Mark Justiniani’s Stardust: Soaring Through The Sky’s Embrace.

Every World

Childrens Biennale (6)

Venture into five different domes, each revealing an amazing landscape made of paper, and uncover stories and motifs hidden within.

The Other Wall

Childrens Biennale (7)

Nge Lay and Aung Ko’s The Other Wall. Enjoy stamping activities in these traditional Burmese-inspired houses.

The Oort Cloud And The Blue Mountain

Childrens Biennale (8)

Hazel Lim-Schlegel and Andreas Schlegel’s The Oort Cloud And The Blue Mountain.

Childrens Biennale (9)

The Story Of Karang Guni Boy by Lorraine Tan and Eric Wong.

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