Day Trip to Kobe

Kobe Rokko (1)

Kobe is the sixth largest city in Japan and is not that far from Osaka. The two cities are well-connected by train in just 30 minutes. I took the Hankyu Railway line from Osaka to Rokko Station. Many travel here just to taste the famed Kobe beef but the city has a scenic harbor and its own mountain which offers panoramic views across the region.

One of the popular attractions in Kobe is Mt. Rokko. If you purchase the Rokkosan Tourist Pass, you can enjoy more savings to cover the entire journey. From Hankyu Rokko Station, use exit 3 and look out for the bustop. Kobe City Bus Route 16 & 106 will take you to the base station for the Rokko Cable Shita Station, the most common and fastest way to ascend the mountainside.

Mt. Rokko Cable Car

Operated since 1932, the Rokko Cable Car will take you up to the Rokko Cable Sanjo Station in 10 minutes.

Tenran Observatory

Located right next to Rokko Cable Sanjo Station, Tenran Observatory is the best spot for panoramic views from Mt. Rokko.

Kobe Rokko (6)

The biggest draw here is the million-dollar night views which are said to be one of the Three Great Night Views in the whole of Japan. Unfortunately, my time in Kobe doesn’t allow to visit Mt Rokko at night.

Rokko Sanjo Bus

Kobe Rokko (8)

You can catch the Rokko Sanjo Bus to the various attractions of Mt. Rokko.

Rokko Garden Terrace

Rokko Kobe

The garden terrace is another spot for panoramic views of the city.

Rokko Kobe

Observation Terrace.

Kobe Rokko (11)

Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Kobe Rokko (12)

Designed by the architect Hiroshi Sanbuichi, this ticketed observatory is inspired by a mighty tree standing atop Mt. Rokko.

Nankinmachi (Chinatown)

Kobe Chinatown

If you are looking for chinese food, this is the place you should be at.

Kobe Waterfront

Port of Kobe (1)

Golden hour at Port of Kobe.

Port of Kobe (3)

Shopping and entertianment district such as Kobe Harbourland is located at the waterfront of Kobe’s Port

Kobe Port Tower

Port of Kobe (2)

Standing 108m tall, Kobe Port Tower is a landmark of the city. The shape of the tower is inspired by Tsuzumi (a Japanese drum). The observation deck has the best spot for an aerial view of the city.

Port of Kobe (5)

Harborland Mosaic Ferris Wheel.

Port of Kobe (4)

Kobe, Japan
Hyōgo Prefecture Japan
By Train: Hankyu Rokko Station, JR Rokkomichi Station, Hanshin Mikage Station

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