Rhododendron Radiance at Gardens by the Bay

Rhododendrons Radiance 19 (1)

This is the first time Gardens by the Bay introduce Rhododendrons for its floral display.  The name Rhododendron (mouthful of a name) derived from an ancient Greek words, “rodon dendron” meaning Rose Tree.

Rhododendrons Radiance

The rhododendron is referred to as the king of shrubs since it is regarded by many as the best flowering evergreen plant for the temperate landscape.


Rhododendron is a large and extremely diverse genus, comprising approximately 850 species and native chiefly to the north temperate zone in the Himalayas and Southeast Asia.


The shrub has tubular to funnel-shaped flowers that come in a wide range of colours like pink, purple, white and yellow, which are usually borne in spring. Each flower bears 10 stamens and may be scented.


Spring in New Zealand begins in September, which is when the rhododendrons in the country’s renowned parks and gardens bloom. With perpetual spring in the climate-controlled Flower Dome, visitors to Flower Dome will get to enjoy the beautiful rhododendrons of New Zealand the same time that New Zealanders are experiencing these blooms.

Rhododendrons Radiance

Gardens by the Bay’s bear mascot enjoying the activities reminiscent of the outdoor life in the national parks of New Zealand.

Rhododendrons Radiance 19 (6)

Rhododendron Radiance

Rhododendrons Radiance

Rhododendron Radiance Floral Display
Now till 28 October 2019
Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Purchase your tickets here!


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