#futuretogether at Gardens by the Bay

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#futuretogether marks the closing of the Singapore Bicentennial year. The official opening of the (Outdoor and Indoor) exhibits is on 16 January 2020 but visitors can enjoy the outdoor exhibits from now till 15 March 2020. These exhibits are instagram-worthy and it’s FREE!

The brainchild of Japanese art collective, teamLab combines technology and art that encompass three themes – Aspirations, Connectivity, and Possibilities – each relating to how Singaporeans look forward to the future as the bicentennial year comes to a close.

Outdoor Artworks

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Autonomous Resonating Life on the Water and Resonating Trees

Head down to the Dragonfly Lake @ Gardens by the Bay. You will notice a bunch of ovoids or egg-shaped structures floating about on the water’s surface. At night, the ovoids will light up with bright hues that change in colour when touched and it emits a sound tone specific to that color. This exhibit represents the theme of Connectivity.

Indoor Artworks

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Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives

If you can’t get enough of the dazzling outdoor light show, this interactive indoor installation opens on January 16. I have the chance to preview it prior the official launch. This immersive exhibition depicts native animals and flowers in technicolour.

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The flowers scatter when touched, reflecting human’s impact on nature.

Among the animals are those inhabiting Singapore and the surrounding area, such as the Malayan tapir, Sambar deer, oriental pied hornbill, and many more which bloom with flowers including local orchids such as Vanda Miss Joaquim.

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Reversible Rotation – Black in White

The Spatial Calligraphy rotates in the artwork space, every aspect rotating in the same direction, but depending on perception, it can appear to be rotating clockwise or counterclockwise.

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En Tea House

Tea anyone? For a small fee, experience the Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a Teacup!

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Enso – Gold Light

Located at En Tea House, Enso is the Zen practice of drawing a circle with a single brush stroke. This artwork depicts an Enso drawn as Spatial Calligraphy.

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Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a Teacup

I would recommend you to experience this interactive activity. For S$3.00, make yourself a tea (Choice of Yuzu Tea or Teh Tarik) and watch the flowers bloom inside your teacup. The artwork is not a pre-recorded image; it’s created by a computer program that continuously renders the work in real time. Try moving the teacup or pick it up and all of the flower petals scatter and spread outside of the cup. As long as there is tea in the cup, flowers will continue to appear and bloom.

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#futuretogether is jointly presented by Gardens by the Bay and GIC, with art by teamLab. Both the outdoor and indoor exhibits are free for Singapore residents, but they are required to reserve time allocated tickets for the indoor exhibits online. For non-Singapore residents, the cost of a standard ticket to the indoor exhibits is $10.

Outdoor Exhibits: Now till 15 Mar 2020
Indoor Exhibits: 16 Jan – 15 Mar 2020
Bayfront Plaza at Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Book your indoor exhibits tickets here!

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