Light To Night Festival 2020: Invisible Cities

Light to night sg 2020 (2)

The Light to Night Festival returns in January 2020 with two weekends of installations, performances and food. This fourth edition of the Festival is based on the theme Invisible Cities, celebrated across five of the Civic District’s most iconic cultural institutions: National Gallery Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum, The Arts House, Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall and Esplanade. Admission is free and here’s what you can expect at this year festival.

Metapolis: City As A Canvas

Light to night sg 2020 (1)

This visual journey imagines the monuments’ states of mind beyond physical structures, unveiling the secret desires of metropolitan living.

Location: National Gallery Singapore, City Hall Wing Facade & Supreme Court Wing Facade
By Brandon Tay, Gema Putra, Juan Yong, Safuan Johari

Art X Social @ St Andrew’s

Light to night sg 2020 (14)

On friday and saturday, enjoy a meal over easy-listening acoustic and electronic sounds by the St. Andrews Stage.

Metapolis: Concrete Collage

Light to night sg 2020 (15)

The Metapolis canvas stretches into the realm of signs and symbols. This city is a montage of surfaces filled with ideograms, authored and arranged by the invisible hands of its inhabitants.

Location: National Gallery Singapore, Supreme Court Wing, facing The Arts House
By Tristan Lim, Ryan Benjamin Lee, Louis Quek

Floating City

Light to night sg 2020 (4)

Floating City is a suspended installation in the Gallery’s Padang Atrium. This is one of my favourite installation at this year festival. It resemble skyscrapers, creating a glowing city while illuminating the atrium.

Light to night sg 2020 (5)

The lights will respond to the music from the performances taking place in the Padang Atrium, varying in colour and intensity.

Location: National Gallery Singapore, Padang Atrium
By Nipek and KNOTS

Optical Maze

Light to night sg 2020 (3)

The structure, composed of steel triangles, appears to change shape as you navigate the labyrinth. This installation restores the Padang to its original use as a recreational civic space, and provides a platform for artistic expression while paying homage to the role of lighting in placemaking.

Location: Padang
By Teresa Otto, OTTOTTO

Interpolis: Threading Encounters

Light to night sg 2020 (6)

Cities have always been the centre and nervous system of social life, thriving on their inhabitants’ interactions. This Interpolis weaves together the social encounters that reveal the hidden stories of a city’s market squares and places of congregation.

Location: The Arts House
By Safuan Johari, and students from the School of Interactive & Digital Media (Nanyang Polytechnic)

Five Stones

Light to night sg 2020 (7)

Keep a look out of the Five Stones at various locations within the Civic District. Echoing the tossing and gathering of five stones, the movement of the work through our landscape is an attempt to recapture the city’s imagination and inspire the individual through each chance encounter.

By Twardzik-Ching Chor Leng

Mythopolis: Knots of Knowing

Light to night sg 2020 (8)

Cities have their own distinct mythologies, a hidden system of ciphers inscribed in objects and rituals. This installation is a visual manifestation of the cultural and spiritual human experience, untangling the knotty unknowns to reveal the common thread that ties a city together.

Location: Asian Civilisations Museum
By SuperCyberTown, Humanoise, Jing Ng

Interpolis: Crafting Connections

Light to night sg 2020 (9)

In this work, the movements of throngs of dwellers are harmonised into an urban choreography, with the Interpolis as a choreographer and conductor, orchestrating its daily flow and building connections.

Location: Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall
By Reza Hasni, Howie Kim, WY Huang

Art X Social @ Empress Lawn

Light to night sg 2020 (10)

Take in the night lights and upbeat performances over at Empress Lawn!

Between Two Worlds

Light to night sg 2020 (11)

Between Two Worlds is a passageway of mirrored memory pools.

Light to night sg 2020 (13)

The lines of Wong’s poem are juxtaposed against shadows of text mined from surrounding monuments and sites, heightening the clash of narratives.

Location: Esplanade Park
By Quarters Architects

Light Lane

Light to night sg 2020 (12)

Using shadow light projection, stationary bikes along Esplanade Park Sidewalk bring to life bustling activities, sounds and sights beyond Singapore, transporting you into an invisible city.

Location: Esplanade Park sidewalk
By Felix Marzell, DIX au carré (Canada)

Light to Night Festival 2020
Now on till 19 January 2020
Various Locations at Civic District
Admission is Free!


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