Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom

Dale Chihuly is one of the world’s most renowned glass artists from Seattle and “Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom” marks the artist’s first major garden exhibition in Asia. His sculptures are installed throughout Gardens by the Bay; from the outdoor gardens to the two cooled conservatories Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. This exhibition is ticketed but you can see the public installations at the Dragonfly Lake and Victoria Lily Pond and SG50 Lattice for free.

Recommended Walking Route

Bayfront Plaza & Dragonfly Lake

End of the Day Persian Chandelier

The Porsche Taycan art car against the futuristic backdrop of the SG50 Lattice is hard to miss. End of the Day Persian is a beautiful example of Chihuly’s exploration of the form he originally presented on pedestals and later evolved to include installations mounted on walls, overhead on ceilings, and assembled in the form of chandeliers and towers.

Float Boat, and Floats

Over at Dragonfly Lake is Float Boat, and Floats invites viewers to consider material and form while delighting in the bursts of vibrant colour.

The idea of wooden boats filled with glass in Nuutajärvi, Finland, was during his ground-breaking 1995 Chihuly Over Venice project. The Niijima Floats is named after the island of Niijima in Tokyo Bay and the small Japanese fishing floats.

Victoria Lily Pond

Across the garden, Blue and Purple Boat presents the beauty of Ikebana-inspired forms resting on the still waters of Victoria Lily Pond.

Flower Dome

The spectacular Electric Yellow and Deep Coral Tower sculpture greets visitors when they enter Flower Dome.

White Tower

The White Tower sculpture surrounded with large bromeliads, palms and African daisies that create an organic landscape of pinkish and purplish hues.

Neodymium Reeds, Erbium Reeds and Trumpet Flowers

Reeds are among the most dramatic blown glass forms.

This specimen of the Grammatophyllum multiflorum var. tigrinum orchid is the first of its species to be awarded the First Class Certificate, the highest accolade among the Orchid Society of South East Asia’s prized certificates.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest Persians

Suspended within the Cloud Forest Dome is the grand scale Cloud Forest Persians in delicate blue and green ribbed roundels.

Ruby Red Chandelier

The Ruby Red Chandelier sculpture resembling crystalline formations in an exotic forest.

Uranium Green Icicle Chandelier

Chihuly began his Chandelier series in 1992 for an exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum. These sculptures are assembled with multiple handblown glass forms mounted to a steel armature.

Fiori Verde

Chihuly’s Fiori series is a culmination of many of the techniques he has developed over his long career. Looking closely at Fiori Verde, one can observe elements including the hornet shape he has incorporated into other installations.

The Gallery is a small indoor exhibition of Chihuly’s works. He created Macchia (Italian for “spotted”) in 1981 whereby pieces of coloured glass are fused onto the surface of the Macchia during the glassblowing process to produce the mottled effect.

Drawing Walls consist of several individual Drawings that vary from light and airy to bold and colourful by using acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, graphite to create two-dimensional artworks.

The rich red and yellow hued Persian Wall.

The Meadow & Serene Garden

Setting Sun

Setting Sun is a giant 14’ by 14’ fiery ball of red and yellow flame-like crafted specially for this exhibition. It reflects Chiluly’s lifelong interest in architecture and the natural world.


The Moon comprises hundreds of irregularly-formed blown glass discs in hues of white, opal, and rich blue. If you think that the Setting Sun & Moon are mesmerising during the day, they are spellbinding at sundown.

Red Reeds

The Reed series installations comprising varied examples of this unique form all made during different glassblowing sessions in Finland.

Ethereal White Persians

Ethereal White Persians at Serene Garden hover gracefully over the water.

Palazzo Ducale Tower

The snowy-white Palazzo Ducale Tower amidst the greenery of this Serene Garden.

Turquoise Reeds

Turquoise version of Reeds series.

Black & Green Striped Herons and Green Grass

Black & Green Striped Herons and Green Grass against Marina Bay skyline.

Yellow Herons

Yellow Herons near mini waterfall featuring blue Niyodo rocks.

Red Bamboo Reeds

World of Plants

Orange Hornet Chandelier

Sea Blue and Green Tower

Pearl and Obsidian Fiori

Tiger Lilies

Ticket prices vary based on the day of the week and can only be purchased online. The best time to go is in the late afternoon so that you can experience the outdoor gardens in the evening.

Type Resident Rate (Weekday/Weekend) Standard Rate
Complete Experience (Conservatories + Outdoor Gardens + Gallery)Adult $27 | $30
Child $18 | $21
Senior $20 | $23
Adult $36 | $39
Child $24 | $27
Senior $33 | $36
Outdoor Gardens and Bayfront Pavillion Gallery Adult $16 | $20
Child $12 | $16
Senior $12 | $16
Adult $20 | $24
Child $16 | $20
Senior $16 | $20
[Friends of the Gardens] Outdoor Gardens + Gallery@ Bayfront Pavillion Adult $14.40 | $18
Child $10.80 | $14.40
Senior $10.80 | $14.40
Adult $18 | $21.60
Child $14.40 | $18
Senior $14.40 | $18

Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom
From now till 1 August 2021
Conservatories, Outdoor gardens and Gallery at Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Purchase your tickets here!

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore | lonelytravelog.com

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  1. I am jealous! I loved the Chihuly exhibition in London’s Kew Gardens and in more normal circumstances I’d ha e been tempted to come to Singapore to see this. But I enjoyed the virtual tour with you instead.

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