Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip

This year Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay incorporated a Turkish theme titled “Origins of the Tulip”. The exhibition traces the tulip’s rich history in Turkey, where they originated in Eastern Turkey and were first cultivated by the Ottomans. A major attraction of the display is the unusual shapes of tulips that are grown in Turkey, which differ significantly from the standard tulip varieties. The exhibition features an array of tulips in various bright colours amidst the backdrop of iconic landmarks

The most ‘instagrammed’ view of Cappadocia is the sea of hot air balloons rising into the sky at sunrise.

The name “Tulip” was derived from the shape of the flower that resembled the turban (dulbend or tülband) of Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, now known as Türkiye. Tulips come in a wide variety of vivid colours, with each colour signifying a different meaning.

The famous Temple of Artemis – Ephesus was an important city in ancient Greece. Built in the 10th century BC and located in the İzmir Province of present-day Türkiye, the ancient city of Ephesus was the leading political, intellectual, and cultural centre during its time.

Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip 2023
From now till 21 May 2023
Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Purchase your tickets here!

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore | lonelytravelog.com

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