Blossom Bliss at Gardens by the Bay

Blossom Bliss

You can now enjoy the sakura season right here in Singapore for a limited period only! There are more than 20 varieties of cherry blossoms set in a Japanese-inspired landscape. The temperature of the conservatory has been adjusted slightly colder to meet the needs of the weather-sensitive cherry blossoms. The flowers of the cherry blossom normally bloom for about one or two weeks. Best if you can monitor the Gardens by the Bay’s Facebook page for updates on the state of flowering before coming down.

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Singapore Garden Festival 2016


The Singapore Garden Festival is back for the sixth edition. Held at the award-winning Gardens by the Bay, this year’s festival is its largest to-date. You can expect more than 70 garden and floral displays stretching across 9.7 hectares.

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Rediscover the Origins of the Tulip at Gardens by the Bay


The tulips is back again at Gardens by the Bay! This year, Tulipmania traces the roots of the alluring tulip and rediscovers its origins in Central Asia and the ancient Ottoman Empire. I opted to visit the Flower Dome in the evening and the tulips looks stunning amidst the Persian-style backdrop.

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Chiang Mai: Tweechol Botanic Garden


The Tweechol Botanical Garden is part of the Horizon Village & Resort property that I stayed in. If you are around Doi Saket district, the garden is worth to explore. It has one of the largest collections of plants in Thailand  collected over the years. I personally think that this is one of the well kept gardens I have ever seen.

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This week theme


Tulips are generally symbolic of fame and perfect love. Tulips of different colours carry different meanings. For instance, Red: Declaration of love. Yellow: Sunshine in your smile. White: Purify and forgiveness. Purple: Royalty and wealth.

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