Tulipmania 2017


Tulipmania is back! This year flower display is inspired from one of the Netherland’s most celebrated artists, Vincent van Gogh.


More than 100 varieties of tulips and hyacinths – including Darwin hybrid tulips often appreciated for their large blooms – will be on display in a palette of colours.


Vincent van Gogh is instantly recognisable by his reddish hair and beard, his gaunt features, and intense gaze. He painted about 36 self-portraits in the space of only ten years.


His famed art piece “The Starry Night” come to life with the vivid hues of tulips.


Snap and Win contest! Instagram a picture of yourself taken at the KLM photo stand to get a chance to win a pair of return Economy class tickets to Amsterdam with admission tickets to Van Gogh Museum! Click here for more info.





Tulipmania floral display is now on at Gardens by the Bay till 7 May 2017.  During this period, local senior citizens can enjoy 50% discount on admission tickets to Single/Double Conservatories. Click here for more info.

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