An outlook of Contemporary Asian Art

If given one word to describe this art exhibition, I’ll say ‘Epic!’. The works of some 24 artists from Asia span various mediums from painting, sculpture, drawing to video installation have been acquired by the Singapore Art Museum. Titled Panorama: Recent Art from Contemporary Asia with the total of 40 works. Some visitors may think it as ‘nonsense’ or ‘boring’ but each artwork has their own depiction. However, for those who appreciate arts, they are iconic and beautiful works of art which embody rich and complex ideas of the world. Below are my all-time favourite pieces from the exhibition.

Entrance of the former chapel of SJI at SAM lead to the exhibit called Temple Of Hope: Forest Of Eyes by Entang Wiharso from Indonesia.

A work of strong social commentary and appealing visual made of a large aluminum and stainless steel structure that houses a heart and has been beautifully installed in the former chapel of the school.

From my understanding the metal works has been cut entirely by hand without modern-tech cutting tools. The lace-like appearance also recalls the depiction of wayang kulit puppets.

Interesting quotes from the work

Bajaj Pasti Berlalu (The Bajaj Will Surely Pass By/ Pass Away in) by Nasirun from Indonesia, mourns the disappearance of Jakarta’s bajaj which are being replaced by modern modes of transport. Nasirun decorated thelife-size bajaj with beautiful Mahabharata symbols as a nostalgic nod to Indonesia’s past.

Can you spot familiar faces smoking in this artwork?

Courtesy of the Singapore Art Museum

Video installation titled Eat Fast Food Fast by Singapore-born artist, Justin Lee. I find this playful and gross. As the title suggest, he literally blend McDonald’s fish burger, fries and coke. After all blends well, he lifts the blender and McGulps it all down. ewww!

China’s Zhou Xiaohu parodies Chinese social policies in Crowd of Bystanders. In an  operating theater performing Caesarean operation.

Terrorist on board

In a boxing ring

For those who appreciate contemporary arts, this exhibition is still ongoing through Christmas at Singapore Arts Museum.

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