Mystical Supertrees

Mystical Supertrees

The Supertree Grove transformed into a magical garden with advanced video mapping technology to celebrate its first anniversary. The Supertree come alive with its mystical display of light and sound at night. Gardens by the Bay has quickly established itself as an international icon and a must-see attraction in Singapore.

Mystical Supertree


Mystical Supretree

Created using a new projection technique and accompanied by classical music.

Mystical Supertree

The BBC lauded the Gardens as “a living wonder”, Fodors described it as the “Central Park of Asia”, while The Sydney Morning Herald called it “Avatar in real life”. The Gardens scored an architectural coup when it won the prestigious WorldBuilding of the Year Award at the World Architecture Festival 2012 for its revolutionary energy-sustainable cooled conservatories.

Supertree Grove

Video snippet of the Mystical Supertree projection show.

Gardens by the Bay

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6 Thoughts

  1. how long the show will last in this garden ? is the light will be there until December? *cross finger*

    1. Sadly the projection show has ended. However, the light show is available every evening throughout the year. So you are able to catch the light show in December!

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